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My wife's ancestors - Wells - Contents

Tannington Lodge, Tannington, Suffolk

Tannington Lodge is on the E side of Tannington, Suffolk. See map.

Home of Joseph Leonard Wells.
He was there as at 1865.
His dau May Wells was born there 1874.
His wife Eliza Jane Ruffles died there 1878.
He had left by 1880.

Not to be confused with Tannington Hall, on N side of Tannington.

Tannington Lodge.
From 1883 map.

Tannington Lodge.
On 1885 map from

Tannington Lodge.

Tannington Lodge.
Modern satellite view.
See street view of W road.

Tannington Lodge.
Close-up of above.

Tannington Lodge.
Painting by "F.M.G." (unidentified).
Richard Ellison says the man is old Joseph Wells (died 1887).
See larger and full size.
See other copy.

Tannington Lodge (front door).
See full size and original.

Tannington Lodge (side).
See full size and original.
Castellation has been removed.

The Ray family of Tannington Hall

Two photos survive connected with the Ray family who lived at Tannington Hall (then called "The Oaks"), N of Tannington.
Both photos are addressed to May Wells.

Since the Wells family had no connection to Tannington before they bought Tannington Lodge, I suspect these are not relatives. They must be just neighbours who became friends.


"The Oaks" (Tannington Hall) on N side of Tannington.
From 1884 map.
See modern satellite view.

Labelled on back as: "Marion Ray, Tannington".
It is addressed to May Wells: "To my dear May. In fond remembrance, M.R."
See larger and full size.

"The Oaks" (Tannington Hall).
On the back it is addressed to May Wells: "To dear May from her loving friend Mrs. Ray, June 25, 1897. In remembrance of happy days at "The Oaks", Tannington".
See larger and full size.

A 1967 ad shows that the photo is Tannington Hall.
See full size. On sale here.


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