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My ancestors - Cashel - Contents

Miscellaneous Cashels

Tralee, Co.Kerry

Strand St, Tralee, Co.Kerry

Listowel, Co.Kerry

Bedford House, nr Listowel, Co.Kerry

These seem to be related to Cashel of Shallee and New Zealand.

George Cashel, or Cashell,
of Bedford House, Galey par, just N of Listowel, Co.Kerry,
see entry on Mark Russell's family tree,
mar Grace Wilson [dau of John Wilson and Margaret Sym],
she was sister of Prof. John Wilson of Edinburgh,
she died Feb 1835 at Tivoli Terrace, Cork [Limerick Chronicle, 25 Feb 1835],
he or his son must be "George Cashel" of Listowel invested with new Commission as magistrate for Co.Kerry in 1838 [Limerick Standard, 12 June 1838],
who must be "George Cashell" of Listowel, listed as magistrate in [Pettigrew and Oulton's Directory, 1846],
had issue:

  1. George Cashel, eldest son,
    of Bedford House, Co.Kerry.
    He mar 15 Feb 1840 [Limerick CoI cathedral parish records] to Jane Anne Franklin.
    See [Limerick Standard, 18 Feb 1840].
    See [unknown Nenagh newspaper, 22 Feb 1840].
    See notice in unknown Limerick newspaper, apparently 15 Feb 1840, from Mark Russell's family tree.
    Jane Anne was dau of Capt. John Franklin, 90th Regiment, of Greenhills, Co.Limerick.
    Greenhills is just S of Lemonfield, near Kilpeacon, Knocknagaul par (just S of Limerick), Co.Limerick.
    Jane Anne was as at 1840 the widow of Richard Sherlock, 62nd Regiment.
    She apparently emigrated to New Zealand in 1866.
    The Southern Cross, 6 January 1866, shows the arrival at Auckland, New Zealand, of "Jane Ann, Richard, Grace and Elizabeth Cashel".

    Probably the same as:

    George Cashel, or Cashell,
    listed as of Rose Land, Listowel area, Co.Kerry, in [Slater's Directory, 1846],
    had issue:

    1. a son and heir, Cashel,
      born July-Aug 1843, "Roseland Cottage" [Kerry Evening Post, Sat 5th (NOT 3rd) Aug 1843, [KCL] RR microfilm],
      (todo) see [Freeman's Journal, 10 Aug 1843].

    2. a son, Cashel, born Aug 1844, "Roseland" [Kerry Evening Post, Sat 24th Aug 1844, [KCL] RR microfilm].

    Could be the same as:

    George Cashel, or Cashell,
    listed as of Barraduff, Lisselton par, NW of Listowel, Co.Kerry, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852], or 1851,
    had issue:

    1. a dau, Cashel, born 23rd Oct 1854, at "Barraduff Cottage" [Kerry Evening Post, Wed 1st Nov 1854, [KCL] RR microfilm].

  2. John Wilson Cashel, 2nd son,
    died Jan 1838, Abbey Street, Dublin [Limerick Standard, 30th Jan 1838].

  1. Janet Cashel, eldest dau,
    mar May 1840, Listowel church, by the Rev. Dawson Massy [Limerick Standard, 18th May 1840],
    think NOT at Camas, Co.Limerick,
    to George Purdon Bevan [relation of Cashel/Cashell of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary].

Bedford House, N of Listowel, Co.Kerry, on 1887 to 1913 map.
By 1871, Bedford House was the home of Fitzmaurice. The dramatist George Fitzmaurice was born there 1877.
See modern street view of entrance.

Other Co.Kerry

"Letitia Cashel" (don't know if maiden name or married name) sponsored the baptism of Catherine Moulder on 6 August 1837 at Ballymacelligott, near Tralee, Co.Kerry [Ballymacelligott and Ballyseedy CoI par records] (and here).






Cashell of Co.Wicklow and N Co.Dublin





Other Ireland

British Army

The Mountcashel area, N of Sixmilebridge, Co.Clare

This Cashell (or Cashel) family seems to be from the area of Sixmilebridge, Co.Clare.
They seem to be from Ballynevan, Kilfinaghta par, N of Sixmilebridge (see map).

It may be a coincidence, but beside and close to Ballynevan are the following (see map):

Mountcashel Tower House (or "Kilmurry Castle") on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view.

The titles of "Mountcashel"

All 3 titles refer to Co.Tipperary, not Co.Clare. No known connection with the Cashel(l) surname either:

  1. MacCarthy, Viscount Mountcashel

  2. Davys, Viscount Mountcashel

  3. Moore, Earl Mount Cashell

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