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My ancestors - Collins - Contents


"Carrigans" pub (formerly Muldowney's), 74 Old Kilmainham.
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Patrick Muldowney,
had issue:

  1. P.V. Muldowney,
    Patrick, Patrick Vincent,
    born 1866 [by age in census], Queen's County.
    He was a publican (also listed as "grocer") in Kilmainham, Co.Dublin.
    He (and later his sons) ran a pub at 74 Old Kilmainham, Dublin [SW corner of junction of Old Kilmainham and Brookfield Rd, just S of Royal Hospital Kilmainham, just N of South Circular Rd and Rialto Bridge and Portmahon House]. The pub currently has a sign on it saying "est 1837".
    "P.V. Muldowney, wine and spirit merchant" (later "P.V. Muldowney and sons, vintners") listed at 74 Old Kilmainham in [Thom's] from 1890 to 1972 (later years obviously his sons, not him).

    He is listed as merchant, living 74 Old Kilmainham, at mar.

    He mar 1899 to Polly Collins [Mary, born 28 Mar 1878].
    They did not live at the pub.
    They first lived at 13 South View Terrace, part of the South Circular Rd (near Portmahon House). They are listed there in [Thom's] from 1900 to 1908.
    See entry at 13 South View Terrace in [Census, 1901]. They live with 2 servants.
    13 South View Terrace was re-numbered c.1908 as part of South Circular Rd. It was re-numbered as 144 South View Terrace or 144 South Circular Rd (same house). They are listed there in [Thom's] from 1909 to 1912.
    He might be "P.V. Muldowney, P.L.G." who was at a meeting of the United Irish League, 16 Apr 1910, which passed a vote of condolence on the death of his wife's aunt Anne Collins. See item in Freemans Journal, April 19, 1910. "P.V. Muldowney, P.L.G." was also at the funeral.
    See entry at 144 South Circular Rd in [Census, 2 April 1911]. House has 6 rooms. They live with 2 servants.
    They moved to a new house, 105 Mayfield villas, part of the South Circular Rd (near Rialto Bridge and Portmahon House). He is listed there in [Thom's] from 1914 to 1928.

    Patrick Vincent dies, 1928:
    He died 28 Feb 1928, 105 Mayfield villas, age 62 yrs [GROI].
    See death notice in Irish Independent, Wednesday, February 29, 1928.
    "Mrs. Muldowney" is listed at 105 Mayfield villas in [Thom's] from 1929 to 1952.
    "Mrs. Muldowney" was at Sr. Padua Flanagan's funeral 1936.
    Polly died 14 Feb 1950, 105 Mayfield villas, age 71 yrs [GROI].
    Patrick Vincent and Polly had issue:

    1. Paddy Muldowney,
      Patrick Joseph, born 18 Apr 1900, 13 South View Terrace [GROI],
      mar Betty ---- and had issue:
      1. Veronica Muldowney, mar Gerry Moriarty.

    2. Maureen Muldowney,
      "Mary" on 1911 census,
      born Mary Josephine Muldowney, 15 May 1902, 13 South View Terrace [GROI],
      didn't marry,
      lived family home, 105 Mayfield villas, South Circular Rd, Dublin, she is listed there in [Thom's] from 1953 to 1958,
      it was then re-numbered as part of South Circular Rd as 525 South Circular Rd (same house),
      Maureen listed there in [Thom's] from 1960 to 1981-82 edn,
      died 1995, age 93 yrs.

    3. Kevin Muldowney,
      Kevin Christopher, born 15 Nov 1906, 13 South View Terrace [GROI],
      died 6 Apr 1907, 13 South View Terrace, age 5 months, of "delicacy from birth" [GROI].

    4. Vesty Muldowney,
      Sylvester, Sylvester Joseph, born 14 Jan 1908, 13 South View Terrace [GROI],
      NOT "James J.", NOT born 24 Dec 1907,
      accountant, FCA (Fellow of Chartered Accountants),
      mar ----,
      she died,
      he died 1995, age 87 yrs,
      had issue:

      1. Maura Muldowney.
      2. Pauline Muldowney.

    5. Ned Muldowney,
      Edward, Edward Arthur, born 10 Nov 1909, 144 South View Terrace [GROI],
      played rugby for Blackrock College RFC,
      died 3 Feb 1937, at St.Gallen, Switzerland, of TB, age 27 yrs,
      bur St.Gallen,
      see death notice, Irish Independent, Feb 4, 1937,
      requiem mass held in Dublin, Fri 5 Feb, Louisa Cosgrave was among those attending,
      see article, Irish Independent, Feb 6, 1937.

    6. Dick Muldowney,
      Richard Joseph, born 22 Aug 1911, 144 South View Terrace [GROI],
      registered sister's death 1939, he is then listed as living family home, 105 Mayfield villas, South Circular Rd,
      registered mother's death 1950, he is also then listed as living family home, 105 Mayfield villas, South Circular Rd,
      mar Vera Jennings,
      he died 1981, age 70 yrs,
      she died.

    7. Joe Muldowney, Joseph,
      mar Eileen ---- and had issue:
      1. Kevin Muldowney.

    8. Dolly Muldowney,
      Teresa, NOT Dolores,
      youngest dau,
      born Mary Teresa Muldowney, 2 Nov 1916, 105 Mayfield villas [GROI],
      died of "phthisis" (TB), 14 Oct 1939, family home, 105 Mayfield villas, age 22 yrs [GROI],
      see death notice, Irish Independent, Oct 14, 1939.

"Carrigans" pub (formerly Muldowney's), 74 Old Kilmainham.
Photo 2007. See full size and similar shot.

"Carrigans" pub.
Photo 2007. See full size.

"Carrigans" pub, 2006. From here.
From J. Yanich (see blog). Used with permission.

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