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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Gerard Gibbon

(Left) Gerard Gibbon. Photo signed "To John, With love from Daddy." Dated 15 Oct 1943. See other scan.
(Right) Anne Stanger, age 20 (1931).

Gerard Gibbon [descendant of Edward III],
born 16th Aug 1901, 88 Elliscombe Rd, Charlton, London.
He was educ Berkhamsted School (boys-only), near Watford, NOT Dover College.
He initially worked Lloyds Bank like his father.

He mar 1stly, 10 Feb 1930, St.Mark's church, Notting Hill, London, to Margaret May Williams, no issue.
(todo) See mar of Gerard A Gibbon to Margaret M Williams, 1st qr 1930, Kensington, vol 1a p 213.
His father disapproved of her.
Gerard became a sailor. Wireless operator at sea in 1930s, in merchant shipping.
Separated from his wife.
Listed at parents' home in Electoral Register 1934 and 1935.
He obtained a divorce decree on 7 Dec 1936, citing his wife's adultery with one Kenneth Thomas, and giving 6 months for her to appeal.
See final divorce judgement 14 June 1937.

He mar 2ndly, 17 July 1937 (NOT 27 July) to Anne Stanger [born 20th Mar 1911].
Civil marriage at Guildhall, London [and afterwards ceremony at St.Ethelburga's church, Bishopsgate].
Honeymoon included Tintagel, Cornwall.
They lived 23 Courtlands Drive, NW Watford (see map) from 1937 until 1979.

Service in WW2:
He was in communications in RAF in WW2 1941-45.
He was overseas 1942-45, in North Africa.
He was a Corporal, Airman no. 1470859.
He received medals for service:

German bombing hit Watford many times, including a couple near the Courtlands Drive area.
During the V1 and V2 rocket attacks of 1944-45, a V2 rocket hit houses SW of Courtlands Drive. It blew out the windows of Courtlands Drive, while Anne there alone with her small son John.

After the war, Gerard was a certified accountant, worked in solicitors firm.
He died 3rd Dec 1979, hospital, Watford, age 78 yrs [GRO.UK].
Cremated at West Herts Crematorium, no grave.

Anne left Courtlands Drive 1979.
She lived in flat, 2 Woodville Court, Hempstead Rd, NW Watford.
She died morning of Sun 29th Feb 2004, age 92 yrs.
Cremated at West Herts Crematorium, Wed 17th Mar 2004, no grave.
Gerard and Anne had issue:

  1. John Gibbon,
    mar Janet Noltie
    and had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Gibbon,
      mar Mark Humphrys and had issue.

    2. David Gibbon, mar Marina Trunilova and had issue:
      1. Jennifer Gibbon.
      2. Emma Gibbon.

Gerard Gibbon and Anne Stanger, Somerset, Spring 1937 (before mar).
See larger and full size.

Wedding of Gerard Gibbon and Anne Stanger, July 1937.
See larger and full size.
See other scan.
See another wedding photo.

St.Ethelburga's church, Bishopsgate. See terms of use.

Gerard, 1942.
See full size.

Gerard, Anne, John, Mar 1942.
See full size.

Gerard in the North African desert in WW2, 1942.
See larger and full size.

Anne, 1944.
See full size.

Gerard, summer 1979 (just before he died).
See full size.
See other scan.

23 Courtlands Drive, Watford

23 Courtlands Drive. Photo c.1955.
Scan 1999. Original photo has been destroyed.

23 Courtlands Drive.
Photo 2003. See larger and full size.
See other scan.

FAQ - What tartan should be used?

Well of course, tartans are only a bit of fun. Not only do most people use tartans of families they have no proven descent from, but most tartans themselves are in fact recent inventions. So while the real answer to: "What tartan should be used?" is: "Whatever you like", there is in fact a provable question here which could be interesting, which is: "Does the family actually descend from any clan?"

There is a tartan used on the Noltie side:

On the other hand, the Gibbon family is provably descended from many Scottish clans:

And the Gibbon family also descends from the Royal House of Stewart.
So the Royal Stewart tartan could be used. (In fact, this is regarded as a tartan that anyone can use.)

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