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Our common ancestors - Herbert - Contents

Rev. George Augustus Montgomery

Rev. George Montgomery.
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Rev. George Augustus Montgomery (see here),
Church of England cleric,
born 7th Nov 1793.
His father, who was the natural son of the 10th Earl of Pembroke, died when George was age 3.
He was educ Oriel College, Oxford. MA.
He is described as "George Augustus Montgomery of Oriel College in the University of Oxford" in sister's marriage contract 1815.
He was ordained apparently 1818.
He baptised his niece Elizabeth Gibbon at Aberdeen 1819.

Rector of Bishopstone, Wiltshire, 1821-42:
He was Rector of Bishopstone, Wiltshire (near Salisbury and Wilton) from 1821 [plaque at church] until his death 1842.
He is listed at Bishopstone as at June 1822 [gift of Sir Alured Clarke].
He was known as "George", e.g. see Aug 1822 letter from his uncle the 11th Earl of Pembroke: "I must say that George has a great deal of merit and promises to make a very good parish priest. He has an unhappy flock to deal with, an ill-built house, and like everybody else a diminishing income, but I perceive in him qualities which I think will enable him to cope with all difficulties and to enjoy all advantages."
He built new rectory at Bishopstone, and also built the church porch.

He mar 26th June 1827 [her age 34, him age 33] at Ightham, Kent,
to Cecilia Markham [born 27th Oct 1792, descendant of Edward I],
no issue.

See Letter of 7 Nov 1827 that he wrote to his sister Elizabeth from the Pembroke family's town house, Pembroke House, London (after his uncle the 11th Earl's death at Pembroke House on 26 Oct 1827).
He says he is going to Wilton: "before I leave this place for Wilton ... The Dowager is beginning to recover from her severe shock. Cecilia and myself go there next week for some time".

Prebendary of Ruscombe Southbury, 1828-42:
From 3rd Feb 1828 [Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae] until his death 1842 he held the ancient title of "Prebendary of Ruscombe Southbury" at nearby Salisbury Cathedral (sometimes referred to as "the Cathedral Church of Sarum").
For definition of "Prebendary" see here and here.
His gravestone at Bishopstone church also lists him as "Rural Dean of Wilton" [this means he was a supervisor of the clergy in Wilton parish].
His will dated 13th June 1835, two codicils 4th Apr 1837.
He left money to build a school in Bishopstone, and money to repair the church.
The school was actually built during his life, i.e. 1837-42.
He was Rector of Bishopstone, living Bishopstone, at death 1842.

Death in accident, 1842:
He died in an accident at 1.30 pm, Thur 1 Dec 1842, age 49 yrs, at East Grafton, Wiltshire (confusingly next to another place called Wilton, some distance to the N of Salisbury, see map). He was inspecting the construction of the new church at East Grafton when there was a collapse and he was hit by (an estimated 3 tons of) falling masonry.
[1842 report of his death] said: "The loss of so good, so truly pious, so exemplary a man, even under the ordinary circumstances incidental to our common nature must have been deeply and severely felt by all around him; but there is something inscrutable to mortal comprehension in that awful - nay, appalling - dispensation of Providence, by which a life so thoroughly devoted to the service of God, and to the good of his fellow-creatures, was in an instant terminated, - even whilst he was engaged in the pious duty of inspecting the progress made in the erection of a new Church".
A letter of 10 Dec 1842 refers to "his late unfortunate decease".
In his will he had asked to be buried in tomb inside Bishopstone church.
His will was proved 25th Feb 1843, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
His legacy was implemented by deeds, all dated 12th July 1843.

Cecilia lived on for many years.
[Letter from 16th Earl] says Cecilia was a great friend of Lady Herbert of Lea and also of Florence Nightingale.
Her will dated 14th Apr 1866, codicil 20th Nov 1868.
She died 9th Dec 1879, age 87 yrs.
Arthur Augustus Gibbon travelled to Bishopstone on 15 Dec 1879.

Unknown, possibly Rev. George Montgomery as a young man.
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Oriel College, Oxford. Engraving of 1829.
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See modern street view at same location.
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Label "Revd. G. Augustus Montgomery" and signature on a book.
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The book is a life of Porteus, Bishop of London, pub 1810.
See title page.

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