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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents


Rynne and Co. Ltd, 31 O'Connell St, Ennis.
See larger and full size.

Michael Rynne, born 1827,
merchant and property developer.
He ran ironmongers in Ennis, Co.Clare.

He mar 1 July 1855 [Drumcliff RC par records, Ennis is in Drumcliff par] to Eliza Lysaght [or Elizabeth, born 1833, or poss. 1834, dau of Daniel Lysaght].
She has a possible Anglo-Irish descent from Nugent, Baron Delvin.
If true this would give her a descent from Edward I and Aoife Mac Murrough and Strongbow and Brian Boru.

Michael and Eliza were living Jail St, Ennis, at son's birth 1867 (this would be Gaol St, now O'Connell St).
He built up successful ironmongers and hardware business, Rynne and Co. Ltd, 31 O'Connell St and Market St, Ennis (see map).
In 1884 he purchased a big 18th century house, Springfield (or "Springfield House"), Ennis. This building had formerly been used as St. Flannan's college (where his son was educated).
He died Dec 23, 1895, aged 68 years [grave].
(todo) See death of Michael Rynne, [GROI], Ennis, 1896, 1st qr, age 67, vol 4, p 136.
He was bur Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.

Eliza lived to see her son Dr. Michael die early in July 1907.
She died 7th Sept 1907, aged 74 years [grave], think NOT 1908,
can't find death in [GROI].
She was bur Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.
Michael and Eliza had issue:

  1. Dr. Michael Rynne,
    Michael Andrew Lysaght Rynne,
    known as "Micho" (see 1899 letter) or "Miko", NOT "Mickso",
    born 29 Sept 1867, Jail St, Ennis (this would be Gaol St, now O'Connell St) [GROI].

Grave of Michael Rynne and Eliza Lysaght.
Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.
Photo 2008. From Clare County Library.

Springfield House, Ennis

Springfield House, Ennis, 1913.
From Limerick City Museum.

Springfield House, Ennis, c.1900 (rear view).
From Limerick City Museum.

Springfield House, Ennis (red cross) on 1887 to 1913 map.

Springfield House, Ennis, today.
2009 screenshot from street view.

The possible Royal Descent of Dr. Michael Rynne

                  Edward I
                  Princess Elizabeth == Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford
                   |                    descendant of Aoife Mac Murrough and of Brian Boru
                  Alianore de Bohun == James Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond
                   |                   descendant of Aoife Mac Murrough and of Brian Boru
                  James Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormond
                  Eleanor Butler == Gerald Fitzgerald, 3rd Earl of Desmond
                  James Fitzgerald, 6th Earl of Desmond
                  Joan Fitzgerald == Thomas Fitzgerald, 7th Earl of Kildare
                  Garret Mor Fitzgerald, 8th Earl of Kildare
                  Elizabeth Fitzgerald == Richard Nugent, 3rd Baron Delvin
 |                                     |
Sir Thomas Nugent                     Sir Christopher Nugent
 |                                     |
Robert Nugent                         Katherine Nugent == Peter Barnewall, 6th Baron Trimlestown
 |                                     |
Edmund Nugent                         Robert Barnewall, 7th Baron Trimlestown
 |                                     |
 |                                    Christopher Barnewall
Robert Nugent                          |
 |                                    Matthias Barnewall, 8th Baron Trimlestown
 |                                     |
Edmund Nugent                         Robert Barnewall, 9th Baron Trimlestown
 |                                     |
Michael Nugent                        Mary Barnewall  
 |                                     |
                  Edmond Nugent, or Edmund, born 1715  
                  brother of 1st Earl Nugent (see DNB)
                  fought for Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor
                  died in his service at Buda, Hungary, Aug 1736, age 21

[Lysaght family tree] claims that the above Edmond Nugent is the same as the below Edmond Nugent.
This seems unlikely. More proof is needed here.

                  Edmond Nugent == Mary Lynch 
                  Joan Nugent == John Macnamara 
                  Nanno Macnamara == John Bourke
                  Mary Bourke == John Lysaght
                  Daniel Lysaght == Elizabeth O'Connell 
                  Eliza Lysaght == Michael Rynne
                  Dr. Michael Rynne == Mary O'Mara

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