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Things to do - Flanagan

Things to do - Flanagan


  1. Flanagan

  2. Stack
  3. O'Callaghan



  1. Find more Flanagan deeds.
    • Find later Greenhills deeds and work backwards to prove they reference earlier deeds.
    • Have searched HODSON to FLANAGAN 1800-1924.

  2. Where did I first get the references for the Hodson and Flanagan deeds?
    • They first appear on my site in 2000 as follows:
      "in [LR] is a deed of 15th May 1816, Hartley Hodson, of Green Park, Co.Westmeath, to "Denis and William Flanagan", think of land in or near Greenhills, Tallaght"
      "in [LR] is a deed of 20th Jan 1825, Denis and William Flanagan to Andrew Corcoran,
      and another, 27th Nov 1825, Corcoran and Flanagan to Richard Guiney"
    • Where did I get them? If in LR why did I not note the full references? And anyway, the second 1825 deed is not in the LR.

  3. Transfer of Greenhills around 1940 from Flanagan to Kavanagh.
    • Have searched (FLANAGAN or HODSON) to (KAVANAGH or FLANAGAN), 1925-54. Nothing found.

Other land records

  1. [NLI Ms].
    • Estate papers of Hodson, Flanagan landlord.

  2. [VO]

  3. Sandes of Greenville. Moore (and later Stack) may have worked on the estate.

Other libraries

  1. RIA - Liam Cosgrave and W.T. Cosgrave papers. Any Flanagan material?

Flanagan and Maguirk in 1798 and 1803 Risings

  1. Rebellion Papers. Index in [NAI] RR.
    • Have searched FLANAGAN and MAGUIRK and MCGUIRK in Name index
    • "W. Flanagan" meant to be on p.112 of Main index. Only entry on that page is:
      • List of prisoners in Dublin Castle, 27 Nov 1803. Rebellion Papers, Carton 620/12, 142/1-17.

Parish records

  1. Rathfarnham, Co.Dublin


  1. Tallaght cemetery - William grave 1874

  2. Search Rathfarnham graveyard (near Protestant church)


  1. Visit Ballynabrennagh - O'Callaghan apparently farmed there up to 1950s.


  1. British Army

  2. [GRO.UK]

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