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Bagenal's Castle, Newry, Co.Down.
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Ralph Bagenhall,
of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.
He mar Elinor Sadler.
They had issue:

John Bagnall.
He mar Elinor Whittingham [dau of Thomas Whittingham].
Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme.
He died 1558.
They had issue:

Sir Nicholas Bagenal,
born 1509, Newcastle-under-Lyme.
See Wikipedia and
In 1538 he fled to Ireland to escape justice for killing a man.
He was pardoned 1542.
He was appointed Marshal of the Army in Ireland in 1547.
Knighted 1551.
He was granted Newry, in northern Ireland, in Apr 1552. Newry is part in Co.Armagh to the W and Co.Down to the E.
He mar c.1556 to Ellen Griffith [descendant of Edward III and Aoife Mac Murrough and Brian Boru].
He built Bagenal's Castle at Newry, 1568.
Bagenal's Castle is on the E side of Newry (in Co.Down).
Sir Nicholas was appointed chief commissioner of Ulster 1577.
He was one of the commanders of Crown forces under Grey in the defeat at Battle of Glenmalure, Co.Wicklow, 1580.
He died Feb 1591, age 82 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Sir Henry Bagenal.
    He mar Eleanora Savage and had issue.
    She is a descendant of Edward III (through Somerset and also through Manners).

  2. Dudley Bagenal,
    of Idrone, Co.Carlow.
    Ancestor of the Bagenal family of Bagenalstown, Co.Carlow.

  1. Frances Bagenal.
    She mar Oliver Plunkett, 4th Baron Louth and had issue.

  2. Mabel Bagenal.
    She eloped in 1591 to marry her father and brother's enemy Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone.

Bagenal's Castle, Newry.
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