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Arthur Blennerhassett

Blennerhassett of Massachusetts.

This line is DNA linked to our family

I was contacted by Kim Manning, a Blennerhassett descendant in the McAdoo line.
We did a DNA comparison, with no expectations, and found a DNA match with me and others in my family. So I have researched this family.
It is possible our DNA link is not through Blennerhassett at all. We could connect through some other line.

The three siblings are proved

First, we establish the origin of this family. We prove that John, Richard and Mary are siblings.


Gortatlea connection

Richard Blennerhassett married Amelia Huggard, of Gortatlea, near Tralee.
There is a Blennerhassett of Gortatlea branch.
Bill Jehan thought that Richard might be a son of Arthur Blennerhassett and Ellen Blennerhassett of Gortatlea.
Richard is indeed listed as of Gortatlea at marriage 1861.


DNA testing





Arthur Blennerhassett listed in [Griffiths Valuation] at Laharan, Killorglin par.
He is renting 20 acres, plot no. 34.

Arthur Blennerhassett,
of Co.Kerry.
He mar Eliza ----.
The McAdoo family had a tradition that Mary Blennerhassett came from a grand family, and was disinherited for marrying without her father's consent.
But clearly neither is true. Her father Arthur and her brothers are as poor as her.
Arthur or his father might have been disinherited though. We do not know what branch they come from.

He was probably of near Killorglin, Co.Kerry.
In [Tithe Survey] no Blennerhassett or Hassett is found at Laharan.
In [Griffiths Valuation] he must be "Arthur Blennerhassett" who is found at Laharan, Killorglin par (on W side of Killorglin town). See image from here.
This must be him because his son Richard is later found living in 1862 at Laharan.

The children of Arthur and Eliza were Protestant, poor, emigrated to America.
Arthur and Eliza had issue:

  1. John Blennerhassett,
    born 1 May 1841, Co.Kerry [Naturalization Record].
    Emigrated to America.
    Arrived New York, 1 May 1858 (age 17) according to Naturalization Record.
    Lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
    See his US Naturalization Record, Massachusetts, 30 Oct 1876. See p.1 and p.2 from here. He is "labourer", living Cambridge. Application supported by Richard Blennerhassett (must be brother).
    Living with brother Richard in Cambridge in census, 4 June 1880. He is "labourer".
    He is "labourer", living Cambridge, at mar.
    He mar 19 June 1880, Cambridge, to Eliza Ann Richard [born 1850, Nova Scotia, Canada, dau of Stephen Richard].
    See mar entry from here.

  2. Richard Blennerhassett,
    born Ireland.
    He was born 7 June 1842 [death cert] or 1840 [1870 census] or 1835 [1880 census] or Apr 1835 [1900 census].

    Mar cert 1861 says he is farmer, living Gortatlea near Tralee, son of Arthur Blennerhassett, farmer.
    There is a Blennerhassett of Gortatlea family, whose connection to the main Blennerhassett family is unproven.
    However immediately after marriage in 1862 he is found near Killorglin.
    He is probably from near Killorglin. Gortatlea is where his wife is from and he was only there temporarily (or it is an error).

    He mar 21 Feb 1861 to Amelia Huggard [or Emilia, or Emily, born Ireland, dau of Stephen Huggard, farmer, of Gortatlea].
    She was born Mar 1836, according to 1900 census. Other dates of birth are given, but all make 1861 marriage impossible.
    She is written "Amelia" and "Emilia" and "Emily". "Anna" at son's birth 1876 is probably just an error.
    They mar at Registrars Office, Tralee [GROI]. See transcript and transcript of mar cert.

    At dau's bapt 1862 he is Protestant, farmer, living "Lahern", near Killorglin, Co.Kerry.
    This would be Laharan, Killorglin par (on W side of Killorglin town).
    At twins' bapt 1866 he is Protestant, "land steward", living "Caragh", near Killorglin, Co.Kerry.
    This would be Caragh Lake, a large lake SW of Killorglin.
    At death of son 1867 they are living at Glannagilliagh, Killorglin par (beside Caragh Lake). He is "Land Steward".
    (todo) There was a Hassett family of Glannagilliagh. Check Bill Jehan again.

    Emigrated to America:
    Richard and Amelia emigrated to America sometime in 1867-70.
    They are listed in 1870 census in Ward 5, Hartford, Connecticut. See image from here. He is "Richard Hassett". He is a "teamster". "Arthur Hassett" is living next door.
    Living Arlington, Massachusetts (NW of Boston) at dau's birth 1871. He is "labourer".
    Living Cambridge, Massachusetts (N side of Boston city) by dau's birth 1873.
    Listed as "gardener", living Cambridge, at son's birth 1876.
    Living 33 Willard St, Cambridge, in 1880 census. See image from here. He is "labourer".
    Living 7 Cogswell Place, Cambridge, in 1900 census. See image from here. He is "Richard B. Hassett", "day labourer".
    He was "gardener", living 12 Garden St, Cambridge, at death.
    He died 13 Dec 1907, age 65 yrs.
    See death cert from here.
    He was bur Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arlington, Massachusetts. See
    Richard and Amelia had issue:

    1. Sarah Blennerhassett,
      Sarah Anne Blennerhassett, born 3 Apr 1862, Ireland,
      bapt 13 Apr 1862 [Killorglin CoI par records].
      At home in 1880 census.
      She mar pre-1882 to Charles E. Cotchett and had issue.

    2. Arthur Blennerhassett,
      born Aug 1864, Ireland [1900 census].
      At home in 1880 census. He is "errand boy".
      He mar 1890 to Jennie M. Finnick and had issue.

    3. John Blennerhassett,
      twin, born 12 Dec 1866, Killorglin, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 20 December 1866 [Killorglin CoI par records].
      He died 22 Jan 1867, Glannagilliagh, age 5 weeks [GROI].

    4. Eliza Blennerhassett,
      Elizabeth, twin, born 12 Dec 1866, Killorglin, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 20 December 1866 [Killorglin CoI par records].
      1870 census says age 3, born Connecticut, but this is clearly an error.
      1880 census says age 12, born Massachusetts, but this is also an error.
      At home in 1880 census.
      She mar pre-1892 to George William Cole and had issue.

    5. Richard Blennerhassett,
      born May 1870, Connecticut,
      at home in census of 10 June 1870, age 1 month,
      not listed in 1880 census, must have died.

    6. Mary Ellen Blennerhassett,
      born 28 May 1871, Lynn, Massachusetts (NE of Boston, where Richard's sister was living). See entry from here.
      Birth records notes she was born at Lynn though parents living at Arlington.
      At home in 1880 census.
      She mar 1890 to Wallace Alexis Tobey and had issue.

    7. Amelia Blennerhassett,
      born 1873, Cambridge,
      died 14 Aug 1877, Cambridge, age 4 yrs, of epilepsy. See death record from here.

    8. Thomas Roland Blennerhassett,
      born 22 Mar 1876, Cambridge, Massachusetts. See entry from here.
      "Thomas R." in 1880 census.
      "Rolland" in 1900 census, "day labourer".
      He mar 1901 to Alice McCoy and had issue.
      "Roland P. Blennerhassett" on father's death cert 1907.

      1900 census says they had 8 children, 5 still living.

  3. Mary Blennerhassett,
    Mary Ann Blennerhassett,
    born 1849 [1880 census] or 1850 [1870 census] or 1851 [death],
    born Co.Kerry.
    Listed as "Mary Hassett" at son John's mar 1896.
    Church of Ireland.
    She emigrated to America before 1870.
    She is listed in the US census of 30 June 1870 as a servant, in the Willard household, 2nd Ward, Hartford, Connecticut. Her brother Richard was also in Hartford at this time.
    See census image from here.
    Listed at mar as of Hartford, Connecticut.
    She mar Sept 29, 1870, West Hartford, Connecticut, to William McAdoo and had issue.
    See abstract of entry from here.
    (todo) See full mar cert.
    They settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts (where her brothers were).

Laharan is the big townland on the W side of Killorglin town.
From 1829 to 1842 map.

Richard Blennerhassett and John Blennerhassett support the US Naturalization of William McAdoo in Massachusetts in 1876.

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