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Miscellaneous Blennerhassetts

DNA-linked disconnected Blennerhassett families

DNA testing indicates a link of our family to the following disconnected families that descend somehow from Blennerhassett of Co.Kerry.
Unfortunately their exact descent from the main Blennerhassett family is not known.

The DNA match of our family with the following families may not actually be through the Blennerhassett line. But there is some evidence that, in both cases, it is through the Blennerhassett line.



Blennerhassett and variant wills of 1624-1811 listed in [Vicars' index of wills 1536-1810].
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.

List of Blennerhassett wills 1811-1855 which were at PROI before 1922.
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.
From here and here and here.


Ardfert wills


Blennerhassett wills 1743-1785 listed in Ardfert and Aghadoe in [Index to Irish Wills].
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.

Blennerhassett wills 1743-1849 proved at Ardfert and Aghadoe.
From here and here and here.
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.




Blennerhassett entries in [King's Inns].

Start of Blennerhassett entries in [TCD Alumni].
See full list.


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