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Denis Murphy.
He mar pre-1798 to Elizabeth Blennerhassett [natural dau of Arthur Blennerhassett, descendant of Edward III].
The copy of her half-brother Robert Blennerhassett's 1798 marriage settlement in [NLI] D.27079 refers to Elizabeth as "now [in 1798] the wife of Denis Murphy".
They lived at Cromane, Killorglin par (W of Killorglin, see map).
Living Cromane as at son's bapt 1799.
"Dennis Murphy" is listed at Cromane in [Tithe Survey, 1823-37]. He has a very poor holding of 3 acres of low quality land.
There is a "Denis Murphy" at Cromane Upper in [Griffiths Valuation, 1853]. This could be old Denis or a son.
Denis and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Arthur Murphy,
    bapt 6 September 1799 [Killorglin RC par records].
    The transcript says he is the child of "Elizabeth Hassett" and "Thomas Murphy". (todo!) See original. Father's name must be transcribed wrong.
    This must be our family because of the unusual name "Arthur", clearly after his grandfather Arthur Blennerhassett.
    The bapt was sp by "Lucy Hassett", according to the transcript.


"Dennis Murphy" listed at Cromane in [Tithe Survey, 1823-37].
Location is "Cromane or Mountain part" which would be Cromane Upper.
Land is "Reclaimed bog" 1 acre, and "Commonage" 2 acres.
He clearly has a very poor holding.
From here.

Entries for "Denis Murphy" at Cromane Upper in [Griffiths Valuation, 1853], p.163 and p.164.
This could be old Denis or a son.
There are other Murphys in the townland. We do not assume they are related.
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