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Robert Arthur Blennerhassett

Extract from Robert Arthur Blennerhassett's marriage settlement, 1798.
Shows him as of Fordfield.

Robert Arthur Blennerhassett,
Robert Blennerhassett,
born 1769-1774,
of Fortfield (or Fordfield), near Killorglin, Co.Kerry.
Fortfield was believed to be near Mount Rivers but a different house.
Nickname: Page 25 of [Rowan, 1846] says he was "called Bob Dushig".
Not sure what this means. Presumably an Anglicisation of local Irish nickname.
It could be a form of "wake". e.g. "Dhúisigh sé" is "He woke up".

His father died 4 May 1790.
"Robert Blennerhassett of Fordfield" witnessed his sister's marriage settlement, 27 May 1790.
"Robert Arthur Blennerhassett" is listed as of "Fordfield" or "Fortfield" in [Deeds, Mar 1793] and [Deeds, Apr 1793].
Marriage settlement in [Deed, 17 May 1798]. This lists him as "Robert Blennerhassett Arthur" (the latter refers to his father) of "Fordfield".
However marriage entry in Tralee par records says he was of Knockane parish at marriage. This is the huge parish neighbouring Killorglin parish. It includes Churchtown (see below).

He mar 22 May 1798 [Tralee CoI par records] to Catherine Hickson [born 1779].
[Hickson's annotated par records, 1880] shows they were 1st cousins. Catherine was eldest dau of Robert Hickson of Tralee, by his wife Mary Hickson, dau of James Hickson and Rosanna Kane.
Catherine's father Robert Christopher Hickson was of Tralee at this time, and later (after 1802) of Fermoyle House, Co. Kerry.
Marriage settlement and Tralee par records say Catherine was of Tralee at mar.
Robert Arthur is listed as of Fordfield in [Deed, 1799].

Apparently for a time at Lakeville, near Killarney:
"Robert Arthur Blennerhassett" is listed at Lakeville, Co.Kerry, in [Deed, 1800].
This must be him because:
  1. He is the only known "Robert Arthur" Blennerhassett.
  2. There is a reference to "Lakeville" in his 1798 marriage settlement. It involves a "Richard Blennerhassett of Lakeville". Richard is unidentified. It is not his cousin Richard Francis Blennerhassett who is listed separately.
Lakeville would be the house later called Lakeview, Maulagh townland, Aghadoe par, near Killarney.
This is not far E of Churchtown, though in the next parish.
Note that Richard Blennerhassett of Lakeville is party to [Deed, Oct 1804].

Definitely for a time at Churchtown, near Killarney:
He is definitely "Robert Arthur Blennerhassett" who is listed as of Churchtown, near Killarney, in [Deed, June 1804].
This is not confusion with his 1st cousin Robert Blennerhassett, later 2nd Baronet, because it refers to this Robert's wife as Catherine Hickson.
It is possible that this refers to Lakeville, not to Churchtown House.
Confusingly, the other [Deed, June 1804] made on the same day refers to Robert Arthur Blennerhassett as of "Fordfield".

Robert Arthur is listed as of Fortfield in [Deed of 1806].

"R.A.T. Blennerhasset" is listed at Mount Rivers in [Leet's Directory, 1814].
And "R.A. Blennerhasset" is listed at Churchtown in [Leet's Directory, 1814].
Presumably the Mount Rivers listing is him and the Churchtown listing is Robert Blennerhassett, future 2nd Baronet.
Though for both listings the initials are strange.

Robert dies, 1814:
He is listed as of Fortfield at death.
He died Fri 12 Aug 1814, Tralee, without issue.
[Hickson's annotated par records, 1880] says no issue.
See item in Limerick Chronicle, 17 August 1814.
See item in Limerick Evening Post, 17 Aug 1814.
See item in The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 84, Part 2, July-Dec 1814.

The Cashell family are found at Lakeville in 1816.
Bill Jehan (also here) says Lakeville was, at least later, the Ballyseedy branch. He says that Dorcas Twiss, widow of Arthur Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy who died 1815, died at Lakeville, Killarney, in 1822.

Catherine lived Tralee.
She is listed at Tralee in [Deed, Aug 1820].
She is described at death as "for many years a resident of Tralee".

Her will dated 21 Mar 1841. Says she is of Denny St, Tralee. Executor John Hilliard. Residence Tralee.
She died Mon 24 May 1841, at her house in Denny St, Tralee, age 62 yrs.
See Kerry Evening Post, Wed 26 May 1841, [KCL] RR microfilm.
Her will was proved at Ardfert, 7 Dec 1841.


Robert Arthur Blennerhassett listed at Churchtown in [Deed of 1804].

Death of Robert Blennerhassett.
Listed under deaths for 12 Aug 1814.
From p.293 of The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 84, Part 2, July-Dec 1814.


Deeds relating to Robert Blennerhassett

Have looked at all these:

Will of Catherine Hickson

Will of Catherine Hickson, widow of Robert Arthur Blennerhassett.
Will dated 21 Mar 1841.
See index of Ardfert wills.
See entry in Irish will index 1840-41.
Will would be burnt in 1922. However notes survive, made before the fire.
See notes on p.19 of [D950/1/9].

Notes from will of Catherine Hickson before it was burnt.
From [D950/1/9, p.19].
Used with permission of The Deputy Keeper of the Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

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