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Arthur Blennerhassett, of Fortfield

Arthur is "Arthur Blennerhassett Robert" (refers to his father) of Gortnaskarry in [Deed, Jan 1772].

Arthur Blennerhassett,
born est c.1745,
of Fortfield (or Fordfield), near Killorglin, Co.Kerry.
Descendant of Edward III.
See wikitree.

He mar Rosanna Hickson [dau of James Hickson and Rosanna Kane].
[Rowan, 1846] is wrong to say Catherine Hickson. That is confusion with his son's wife.
We previously had thought Arthur's wife must be Catherine Blennerhassett, widow, of Blennerville, whose will was proved 1810. But that is a different Catherine.
[Hickson's annotated par records, 1880] says Arthur's wife was "Rosanna".

Arthur is listed in [Deed, Jan 1772] as of Gortnaskarry, parish of Knockane, barony of Dunkerron North, Co.Kerry (just NW of Churchtown).
"Arthur Blennerhassett Robert" (refers to his father) is party to [Deed, Jan 1772] with his brother Rowland. Where Arthur is listed of is slightly illegible, but comparing with his will we see it is Gortnaskarry, barony of Dunkerron North.

While he came from Annaghgarry, he possibly only settled back there in 1772-74.
He is "Arthur Blennerhassett Robert" of Fordfield in [Deeds of 1774 and 1777].
It is thought that Fordfield (Fortfield) is identical with Annaghgarry House.
[1790 will] and [Robert's 1798 mar settlement] refer to Arthur holding a large number of lands, all in Co.Kerry.
They also mention "a plot of ground with a pound built thereon" at Annaghgarry. This would be a pound for stray livestock. The mention of Annaghgarry suggests Fortfield was at Annaghgarry.
This property is also mentioned in [Deed of 1804].
[Burkes Irish, 1976] also lists him as of Cara, Co.Kerry (unidentified).
Rosanna is not mentioned in Arthur's will. She may have died before him.

Arthur is listed as of "Fordhill" in his will.
His will dated 26 Apr 1790. Codicil on same day.
He is "Arthur Blennerhassett Robert". He is NOT "Arthur Robert Blennerhassett". This is a mis-reading.
He died 4 May 1790, at Fortfield, age est c.45 yrs.
He is described as "late of Fordfield" in his daughter's marriage settlement, 27 May 1790.
Will proved 7 June 1790. Will burnt in 1922.
See settlement of will (registered in 1806). He left all lands to his brother Rowland, who managed his estate after his death in 1790, paid off his debts, and set up his children's inheritances when they came of age and married.
Arthur and Rosanna had issue:

  1. Rosanna Blennerhassett.
    She mar 27 May 1790 to Sir Robert Blennerhassett, 2nd Baronet and had issue.
    They were 1st cousins.

  2. Robert Arthur Blennerhassett,
    Robert Blennerhassett,
    of Fortfield.
    He was born post-1769 (not yet age 21 at father's death).
    He was born before the 1774 will of Col. John Blennerhassett.
    Listed in father's will as "his only son".
    Written as "Robert Blennerhassett Arthur" in [Deed, Aug 1820].

Arthur also had natural issue:

  1. Elizabeth Blennerhassett,
    Arthur's will of 1790 left £300 to "his natural daughter Elizabeth".
    She mar pre-1798 to Denis Murphy and had issue.
    Their child was bapt Catholic.
    They lived at Cromane, Killorglin par (W of Killorglin).
    Their son is called Arthur (clearly after grandfather).
    She is "Elizabeth Hassett" at son's RC baptism 1799. She is noted as a Protestant at the baptism, which is unusual.

Will of Arthur Blennerhassett

The will of Arthur Blennerhassett, 1790, was burnt in 1922.
But some of the content survives:

Abstract of the will.
From pp.213-214 of [Registry of Deeds wills, Vol.3].
This abstract is a bit inaccurate. He was NOT called "Arthur Robert Blennerhassett". It gets the name of his brother wrong at one point.
And the witness Arthur Blennerhassett, aged over 40, is NOT his nephew Arthur.

The opening of the settlement of his will.
He is written as "Arthur Blennerhassett Robert" (refers to his father).

The will lists his children Rosanna and Robert, and "his natural daughter Elizabeth".

Close-up of the text: "and to his natural daughter Elizabeth therein also mentioned".

Extract from [Robert's 1798 mar settlement].
Shows that his father's will left £300 to his natural daughter Elizabeth.

Arthur's natural daughter Elizabeth is mentioned in this summary of Arthur's will and estate in [Landed Estates Court box 3494].
See full size.

Another reference to Arthur's natural daughter Elizabeth, on same sheet as above.
See full size.


Possibly related families


Lucy Blennerhassett of Cromane

Above we see Elizabeth Blennerhassett, natural daughter of Arthur Blennerhassett.
Her son Arthur Murphy was bapt in 1799 in Killorglin RC church.
His baptism was sponsored by "Lucy Hassett".
We suspect "Lucy Hassett" is related to the mother "Elizabeth Hassett" (who we know is Elizabeth Blennerhassett).
Could they be sisters?
Could Arthur have another natural daughter Lucy Blennerhassett, not mentioned in his will?

Since Elizabeth Blennerhassett lived in Cromane, it seems likely "Lucy Hassett" is identical with the following.
To add to that, the following has a DNA match with our family, and a DNA match to the Blennerhassett Baronets family. Though it needs some triangulation work to establish if the DNA matches are through the Blennerhassett line or some other line.

Baptism on 6 September 1799 of Arthur Murphy, son of "Elizabeth Hassett" (Elizabeth Blennerhassett).
Sponsor is [illegible] and Lucy Hassett.


Arthur Blennerhassett of Cromane

Here is an Arthur Blennerhassett of Cromane, of roughly the same generation as Elizabeth and Lucy, with a daughter Lucy.
Could Arthur be a natural son of Arthur Blennerhassett of Fortfield (died 1790)?
To complicate things, an Arthur Hassett sponsors the baptism of one of his children.

Other people at Cromane

There are also the following people at Cromane who may be connected:


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