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Engraving of Daniel O'Connell as a young barrister, Dublin Magazine, March 1813 (O'Connell defended Rowan Cashel 1816).
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Images courtesy of Cork Multitext Project, UCC (see here). Used with permission.

Geoffrey O'Connell, mar Honora McCroghan and had issue:

Daniel MacGeoffrey O'Connell, mar Alice Segrave and had issue:

  1. John O'Connell,
    mar c.1700 to Elizabeth Conway [descendant of Henry I],
    had issue:

    1. Donal Mor O'Connell, mar Maire O'Donoghue and had issue:
      1. Morgan O'Connell, born 1739, mar Catherine O'Mullane and had issue:

        1. Daniel O'Connell, "The Liberator",
          of Derrynane, nr Waterville, end of Iveragh peninsula, SW Co.Kerry,
          born 6th Aug 1775,
          mar Mary O'Connell [descendant of Edward III],
          barrister, defended Rowan Cashel 1816,
          elected MP for Co.Clare in by-election 1828, disbarred from taking his seat because Catholic,
          achieved Catholic Emancipation for Ireland 1829, under Duke of Wellington,
          MP for Co.Clare 1828-30,
          campaigned for Repeal,
          Lord Mayor of Dublin 1841 (first Catholic Lord Mayor since time of James II),
          died Genoa, Italy, 15th May 1847, age 71 yrs,
          bur Glasnevin Cemetery, in probably the most spectacular grave in Ireland - a full-size round tower,
          probably the most uncontroversially admired figure in the whole of Irish history,
          had issue:

          1. Maurice O'Connell, born 27th June 1803,
            Repeal MP for Co.Clare 1831-2,
            fought duel 30th Nov 1832 with Arthur Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy, no one hurt,
            won election as MP for Tralee in general election, 14th Dec 1832 against Sir Edward Denny, 4th Baronet,
            retained his seat in general election of 1835 against William Denny, of Strand St, Tralee, O'Connell stood against enforced tithes to the Church of Ireland from Catholics, Denny was defending the continued existence of such tithes,
            Liberal / Repeal MP for Tralee 1832-53,
            had issue:

            1. John Maurice O'Connell,
              mar 1873 to Mary McCartie and had issue:

              1. Aileen O'Connell,
                listed as Aileen in census and death announcement and death cert,
                think NOT Eileen,
                born 1882 or 1883, Co.Cork,
                listed as age 29 in census 1911, age 32 at death 1915,
                mar 1903 to Peter Rahilly and had issue.

        2. John O'Connell, of Grenagh, Killarney, Co.Kerry,
          born 6th May 1778,
          fought duel 1813 with Richard Francis Blennerhassett, seriously injured, but survived,
          gave evidence at Rowan Cashel trial, 1816,
          died 6th Sept 1853, age 75 yrs.

        3. Sir James O'Connell, 1st Baronet, born 1786, had issue:
          1. Sir Maurice James O'Connell, 2nd Baronet, born 1821, had issue:

            1. Sir Morgan Ross O'Connell, 4th Baronet, born 1862,
              mar Mary Pauline Hickie [of the family of Hickie of Killelton],
              had issue:

              1. Basil O'Connell, born 1900,
                genealogist, lived in Dublin,
                died in US in 1972.
                See search for his papers.

  2. Maurice O'Connell, had issue:

    1. Geoffrey O'Connell, had issue:

      1. Maurice O'Connell, mar 1731 to Jane Blennerhassett [descendant of Edward III] and had issue:

        1. Thomas O'Connell, MD, born c.1735, had issue:
          1. Mary O'Connell, mar Daniel O'Connell, "The Liberator" and had issue.

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