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Robert Blennerhassett

Baptism of Robert Blennerhassett, 17 July 1797, Tralee, Church of Ireland.
From here.

Robert Blennerhassett,
bapt 17 July 1797.
He is party to [Deed, May 1826]. Listed at Churchtown.
He is listed at Churchtown in Kerry Evening Post, 19 February 1831.
He is described at mar 1838 as of Mount Rivers, Killorglin.

He mar 4 Sept 1838 [Tralee, Church of Ireland par records] to Sarah Eagar.
Newspaper says they married on morning of Tue 4 Sept 1838, at Sarah's mother's house, Godfrey Place, Tralee (think just off Prince's St, W side of Tralee). They were mar by the Rev. Mr. Wade, Protestant curate of Tralee.
See Kerry Evening Post, Wed 5 Sept 1838, [KCL] RR microfilm.
Robert Blennerhassett of Mount Rivers is party to [Deed, Jan 1841] and [Deed, Apr 1844].

Sarah died 2 Feb 1856 at Mount Rivers.
(todo) See Cork Examiner, 29 Feb 1856.
Robert is described at death as of "Annagarry" (Mount Rivers).
He died 7 July 1862 at Mount Rivers.
(todo) See Cork Examiner, 11 July 1862.
Will proved 5 Aug 1862. See admin from here. And copy. Will would be burnt in 1922.
Co-executors of his will were his son-in-law Henry Parker and his nephew Robert Rowland Conyers.
He left Mount Rivers to his nephew Robert Rowland Conyers.
Robert and Sarah are meant to have had no children.
Robert had (possibly natural) issue:

  1. Mary Blennerhassett.
    Listed at mar 1858 as of Annaghgarry (Mount Rivers), dau of Robert Blennerhassett, gentleman.
    She mar 1858 at Killorglin CoI church to Henry Parker.
    "Henry Parker of Mount Rivers" is co-executor of her father's will 1862.
    Her father left Mount Rivers to his nephew Robert Rowland Conyers. Does this indicate Mary was not legitimate? See below.

Marriage of Robert Blennerhassett, 4 Sept 1838, Tralee, Church of Ireland.
From here.

The marriage of Mary Blennerhassett in 1858 at Killorglin CoI church.


Robert Blennerhassett and Catherine Crone

There is a Robert Blennerhassett of Churchtown who married a Catherine Crone and had children baptised Catholic in Killorglin in 1814 and 1828 and 1830.
Could this be Robert above?
Bill Jehan has them as identical, but it may need more proof.
Could this be a 1st marriage? A long-term affair with a local Catholic?
One problem is that the eldest child Johanna would be conceived around Nov 1813. Would make Robert the father only age 16 at conception. Seems unlikely.


Robert Blennerhassett.
He mar Catherine Crone.
Listed at dau's bapt 1814 as of Churchtown.
Listed at children's bapts 1828 and 1830 as of Douglas, Killorglin par.
They had issue:

  1. Johanna Blennerhassett, bapt 24 August 1814 [Killorglin RC par records].
  2. Alice Blennerhassett, bapt 12 August 1828 [Killorglin RC par records].
  3. Francis Blennerhassett, bapt 25 July 1830 [Killorglin RC par records].

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