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Stephen St, Dublin

When he was a young attorney in Dublin, Rowland Blennerhassett lived around 1765-1770 at Stephen St, Dublin.
Stephen St is the crossroads where Aungier St becomes Great George's St.
It is not known what building on Stephen St he lived at.
See 1838 map of Stephen St with house numbers.
Many 18th-19th century buildings survive on Stephen St. See street view at W end and E end.

Rowland's daughter Melisent Blennerhassett was probably born at Stephen St.
She was baptised 16 Jan 1768 nearby, at St. Peter's Church, Aungier St.
She died as an infant and was buried at St. Peter's Church in May 1768.
Rowland moved back to Co.Kerry.


Before Blennerhassett's time:
Stephen St (18) and St. Peter's Church (20) exist on the 1610 map of Dublin.
The original St. Peter's Church was built 1280. A new church was built at a different site in 1685.
17 is St.George's Lane (or George's Lane, now Great George's St).
Aungier St does not yet exist.
23 is Dublin Castle.

Extract from Rocque's map of Dublin, 1757.
Shows Dublin Castle, George's Lane, Stephen St, Aungier St.
St.Peter's church is at the "UN" in "AUNGIER ST".

Rowland Blennerhassett listed at Stephen St, Dublin, on p.25 of [Watson's Almanack, 1765].
He is also listed at Stephen St, Dublin, on:


Stephen St (to the N) and St.Peter's church (at the "UN" in "AUNGIER ST").
From John Rocque's map of Dublin, 1773.
Melisent Blennerhassett was bapt 1768 in the old St.Peter's church (built 1685).
She died as an infant and was buried at St. Peter's Church in May 1768.
St Peter's church was enlarged in 1773.

Stephen St (to the N) and St.Peter's church (at the "Aun" in "Aungier Street").
From 1797 map.


St.Peter's church, Aungier St, Dublin


St.Peter's church, c.1820.
From NGI.

St. Peter's church on Ordnance Survey of Ireland map. Date created: 1838. Date modified: 1847. From here.
St.Peter's church was totally re-built 1867.

St.Peter's church on 1887 to 1913 map.

St.Peter's church.
From 1903 photos at [RCB].
The church was demolished 1982 and is now totally gone.
There is no trace left today. See 3D aerial view.

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