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Andrew Berg.
From here in [GCM].

Andrew Berg,
born 14 Oct 1858 in Oslo, Norway.
[1900 census] says born Oct 1860.
[1910 census] says born Oct 1862.
[Marti Murray] had him born Oct 1869 in Finland. But [1900 census] and [1910 census] say Norway.
He emigrated to US in 1876 [1900 census] or 1879 [1910 census].
He arrived in Alaska Apr 1878 [1900 census].
He was a miner in the Apollo Gold Mine on Unga Island, Alaska. (This mine was in operation 1884-1906.)

He mar 7 Sept 1891 [her age 15, him age 32] to Sarah Cashel [born 24 Apr 1876, descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III].
As well as working in the mine, he also fished for cod from an open dory.
They are listed in 1 June 1900 census at "Apollo" (i.e. the Apollo mining camp on Unga). He is "miner", formerly "sailor". She is listed as illiterate. Her brother Edward is with them.
They moved to Douglas later in 1900.

Sarah dies, 1904:
She died 2 Mar 1904 (18 Feb Julian) in Juneau, Alaska, age 27 yrs.
She was bur 3 Mar 1904, Evergreen Cemetery at Juneau.
Children cared for by their aunt Agnes Cashel.
Andrew Berg, miner, is listed in Douglas on p.168 of Polk's Alaska-Yukon gazetteer 1909-10.
In 1910 census Andrew is listed in Douglas with his dau Elizabeth and her husband George Fleek. And next door to them is his sister-in-law Mary Cashel and her husband and brother Edward Cashel. Andrew's daughter Sarah is listed in her aunt Mary's household. See part 1 from here. See part 2 from here. This must be South St. Ann's Ave.

Andrew worked for the Treadwell gold mine, near Douglas, until final closure in 1922.
He then moved to San Francisco to live with dau Sarah.
He died 26 Mar 1940 in San Francisco, age 81 yrs.
[Marti Murray] says he died Anchorage, Alaska, 1 Mar 1939.
Andrew and Sarah had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Berg,
    Lizzie, Elizabeth Bertha,
    born 18 Nov 1892 [death cert] in Unga [Cashel family bible].
    [1900 census] says born Sept 1892.
    [1910 census] says born Nov 1892.
    Her mother was age 15 at her conception and age 16 at her birth.
    She mar 10 Feb 1909 [her age 16, him age 21] in Juneau to George Fleek [born 17 Sep 1887] and had issue.

  2. Susanna Berg, born 28 July 1894,
    listed by [Marti Murray],
    [Ron Niemi] lists "Susan",
    not listed in 1900 census, perhaps died young.
    [Marti Murray] erroneously lists her sister Sara as dying as a child on 2 Mar 1904. Perhaps it was this sister who died as child 1904. Except then why not listed in 1900 census?

  3. Sarah Berg,
    "Sara" in [1900 census], "Sara Mae" in [1940 census],
    born 16 June 1895 in Unga [Cashel family bible].
    [1900 census] says born Aug 1894.
    [1910 census] says born June 1895.
    [Marti Murray] has her born 27 July 1895.
    Her mother died 1904.
    She mar 4 June 1922 in Phoenix, Arizona, to Emil Morf and had issue.

Sarah Cashel.
From photo c.1887.

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