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Edward Cashel

Edward Francis Cashel junior.
From [Pioneers of Alaska].
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Edward Cashel,
Edward Francis Cashel junior, Eddie,
born on Unga Island, Alaska, March 18, 1881.
Descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III.
He is listed in 1 June 1900 census as living with sister Sarah and her family at the Apollo mining camp on Unga. He is listed as "laborer", illiterate.
Later in 1900 he moved to Douglas, Alaska, as did his sister Sarah and family.
His sister Agnes and family moved to Douglas in 1901.
His sister Mary and family moved to Douglas, apparently by 1904.
His sister Sarah died 1904.

Edward worked at the Treadwell Mine Foundry in Douglas as a moulder.
In 1910 census he is living with sister Mary and her family in Douglas. With them and next door are the members of his sister Sarah's family. This must be South St. Ann's Ave.
Edward F. Cashel, moulder, is listed in Douglas on p.183 of Polk's Alaska-Yukon gazetteer 1915-16.
1916 Douglas census lists Edward at South St. Ann's Ave, Douglas.
At some point he apparently had an affair with the married Myrtle Bland. Not known if the affair was when he was a bachelor or when he was married. Some evidence suggests the affair might be around 1918. Other evidence suggests maybe around 1923-1927. He may be the father of some of Myrtle's children, though hard evidence of that is lacking.

He mar 4 Dec 1917, Juneau, Alaska, to Jane West [Jane Ann West, born 26 July 1880 in Scotland, NOT Margaret].
See entry in tree by Donna Doherty.
Jane was a widow. She had married previously to James Lindsay [NOT Lindsey, born 1879] and had issue.
James Lindsay arrived in Douglas around 1906.
He worked at the Treadwell as a millman.
He died 15 Sept 1916, age 37 yrs,
bur Masons Cemetery, Douglas (see grave).

Moved to Seattle: Edward and Jane lived for a short time at Seattle, WA. Son born there 1918.
They are listed in 1919 Seattle Directory at I2-609 Columbia, Seattle. He is a moulder.

Back to Alaska: They went back to Alaska. Lived again in Douglas/Juneau.
E.F. Cashel is listed in Juneau in Polk's 1923-1924 Alaska-Yukon gazetteer. He is "lab" (labourer) in "AJGMCo" (Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Co.).
Edward and Jane are listed in 1930 census at what is now 715 St.Ann's Ave, Douglas. From here. He is a "moulder" at a foundry.
This may be a different house on St. Ann's Ave, Douglas, than the one Edward lived in before he went to Seattle.
They are listed in 1940 census at what is now 715 St.Ann's Ave, Douglas. From here. He is a moulder at a foundry. She is a beautician operating from her own home.
Living Douglas in Aug 1941 when their son married in Sitka, Alaska.
On his son's draft card Sept 1941 his address is given as P.O. Box 1195, Douglas.

They moved to Sitka in 1946 (where their son was living).
Edward was "custodian" in the federal building at Sitka.
Jane went into a home, the Pioneers' Home, in Sitka, in 1958-59.
He joined her in the Pioneers' Home in June 1959. See item in Daily Sitka Sentinel, June 11, 1959, p.2, which incorrectly says he was born in Ireland (that would be his father).

He died Fri 27 Nov 1959, at the Pioneers' Home, Sitka, Alaska, age 78 yrs.
He was bur 1 Dec 1959, Evergreen Cemetery, Juneau. See
See brief obituary in Daily Sentinel, Sitka, Nov 30, 1959, p.2. It confirms that his son Frank is the politician.
See note of thanks in The Daily Sentinel, Sitka, Dec 7, 1959, p.4.
Jane died 24 Apr 1963 in Juneau, age 82 yrs.
She was bur with husband, 29 Apr 1963, Evergreen Cemetery, Juneau. See
Edward and Jane had issue:

  1. Frank Cashel,
    Francis, Frank Edward Cashel, born 11 Dec 1918 in Seattle, WA.
    Democrat politician in Alaska.

Edward Cashel as a child.
From photo c.1887.

Edward Cashel and his sister both listed as illiterate in 1900 census.
See full size.

Grave of James Lindsay, Masons Cemetery, Douglas.
See full size. From
See also

Edward Cashel and wife in Evergreen Cemetery burial records.


The Cashel house, St. Ann's Ave, Douglas

What is called the "Cashel house" in Douglas, Alaska.
715 St. Ann's Ave, Treadwell, Douglas, was built in 1905.
See entry on p.12 of List of Historic Resources in Juneau, 1997. Neighbouring houses are named after families that lived there: Garn and Post and Grundler and Devon and Kronquist and Johnson.
This house is named after Edward Cashel who is found there in 1930 and 1940 censuses.

Edward Cashel lived St. Ann's Ave earlier, but may not be same house:
He is apparently living St. Ann's Ave in 1910.
He is definitely living St. Ann's Ave in 1916.

So is it the same house? Maybe not.
Edward went to live in Seattle for some time. He later came back to Alaska, so maybe went to a new house on St. Ann's Ave.
Edward Cashel is living St. Ann's Ave in 1930 census. Entries nearby for Kronquist and Johnson show this is definitely 715 St. Ann's Ave.
Edward Cashel is living St. Ann's Ave in 1940 census. Entries nearby for Post and Devon and Kronquist and Johnson show this is 715 St. Ann's Ave.


Street view of the "Cashel house", 715 St. Ann's Ave.
See map.


The Douglas Fire Dept pose for a group photo, probably on Independence Day, St. Ann's Ave, Douglas.
This is after 1905 (Cashel house built) and before 1910 (Garn house not built).
The background shows the Cashel house from the side.
From Alaska State Library. P.H. Fox Family Photograph Collection. ASL-P359-034.


Edward Cashel and Myrtle Bland

Edward Cashel (born 1881, married 1917) apparently had an affair with the married Myrtle Bland (born 1895, married 1914).
He may be the father of some of Myrtle's children, though hard evidence of that is lacking.
If true, then DNA from some of Myrtle's descendants should strongly match DNA of our family. Nothing has been found so far.
It is of course possible that Edward had the affair, but no children, and Myrtle's children in the 1920s are from another affair. (She was meant to have had multiple affairs.)

Edward Cashel and Myrtle Bland.
Photo inherited by the family of Myrtle Bland.
Tidied up and edited. See full size. See original (not edited).
On the back is written: "Myrtle - Eddie Cashel".
Apparently there is another photo which makes clear this is Myrtle in this photo, and the date is around 1918.
Picture from Bernadene Whitten, descendant of Myrtle Bland.

Similar photo of Edward Cashel and Myrtle Bland.
This came from Susan von Konsky, originally from Bob Fleek (died 2002).
It was thought that Bob Fleek thought it was the wedding photo (1870) of Edward Francis Cashel and Marre-a Olgin.
But we know this is wrong because: (a) the clothes look far too modern, (b) the photo is of too high a quality, and (c) now we know this is Myrtle Bland, and Edward Cashel junior.
See larger and full size.

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