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George Fleek and Elizabeth Berg.
From here in [GCM].

Wilson Fleek,
Wilson Bird Fleek,
mar Eva Strickland [Eva Orilla Strickland],
ran family farm, Little Cooley, Richmond Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania,
had issue:

George Fleek,
George Arthur Fleek, "Arthur G. Fleek" in 1910 census,
born 17 Sept 1886 [death cert] or 1887, on family farm, Richmond Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
[1910 census] says born Sept 1886.
Went to Douglas, Alaska 1908.

He mar 1909, Juneau, to Elizabeth Berg [born 18 Nov 1892, descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III].
In 1910 census they are listed in Douglas. Living with them is Elizabeth's widowed father. And next door is Elizabeth's aunt Mary Cashel and her husband and brother Edward Cashel. See part 1 from here. See part 2 from here. This must be South St. Ann's Ave.
Between 1911 and 1912, George worked as a laborer for the Treadwell gold mine, near Douglas.
Living St. Ann's Avenue, Treadwell, as at 1911 when his brother came from Pennsylvania to join them.

He became a Mine Electrician.
He was a member of the Odd Fellows Alaska Lodge No.1. Elizabeth was member of the Rebekahs.
In Oct 1913 they moved to Chichagof, Alaska, where he was put in charge of the 10-stamp mill at the Chichagof Gold Mine.
Treadwell gold mine collapsed in 1917.
They moved to Miami, Arizona, July 1917.
He worked for nearby Inspiration Copper Company mine. They moved to Inspiration mine site, near Miami, Arizona. They lived in houses owned by Inspiration Mining Company.
Their house at "Cactus Garden", Inspiration, burnt down 1932.
Inspiration Copper Company closed 1934.
They moved back to Douglas, Alaska, in August 1934.
He worked at the Perseverance Mine, near Douglas.
He worked as a Power House Operator in and around Juneau.
They are listed at Douglas in 1940 census. He is "electrician" in "gold mine".
After work at the power plant, George carried out his own searches for gold. He searched at the old Thane Mill 1945-46, after it was "cleaned up". He also searched on the Thane beach.
They went back to Arizona 1956 [death certs].
They lived 6406 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, Arizona.

George died 7 Nov 1960 in Phoenix General Hospital, age 73 or 74 yrs [death cert], NOT 6 Nov. He is "retired electrician".
Funeral 9 Nov 1960, bur Memory Lawn Cemetery, Phoenix.
Elizabeth died 26 Dec 1961, 6406 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, age 69 yrs [death cert].
Funeral 28 Dec 1961, bur Memory Lawn Cemetery, Phoenix.
George and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Leona Fleek,
    Leona Elizabeth, born September 5, 1910, Douglas,
    mar January 25, 1930 in Phoenix, Arizona, to George Hill [George Roosevelt Hill, born 1 Dec 1906 in Roosevelt, Arizona],
    at birth of son 1930 her address is given as Inspiration near Miami, Arizona (with her parents) but George's address is given as Los Angeles, his occupation is listed as "clerical",
    he died 18 Nov 1964 in Phoenix, Arizona, age 57 yrs,
    she died 13 Oct 2004, Phoenix, age 94 yrs,
    funeral 23 Oct, bur Phoenix,
    had issue:

    1. Donald Burke Hill,
      born December 14, 1930, Miami hospital, Miami, Arizona, see birth cert,
      died Jan 15, 1931, Los Angeles, age 1 month, or Jan 14.
      His mother lived for 73 years after the death of her only child.

  2. George Fleek,
    George Elroy Fleek, "Sonny",
    born 6 Jan 1913 in Douglas, Alaska.

  3. Marjorie Fleek,
    Marjorie Lucille Fleek, Marjy,
    born 22 Aug 1915, St. Ann's Hospital, Douglas, Alaska (though family listed as living Chichagof),
    mar 17 Nov 1934 in Juneau to Tauno Niemi [born 9 July 1914] and had issue.

  4. Robert Fleek,
    Robert Drew Fleek, Bob, born April 20, 1923, "Incubator Row", Inspiration mine site, near Miami, Arizona.
    He graduated from Douglas High School, Douglas, Alaska, 1941.
    He studied radio at Frank Wiggins Trade School in Los Angeles.
    Worked for the Civil Aeronautics Administration 1942-43.
    WW2 service: He served in WW2 from 6 Feb 1943 to 22 Nov 1945 in US Army Air Corps. Apparently did not see combat.
    He was based first at Juneau Airport. In 1944-45 he was based at Naknek (or King Salmon) airbase. Left Naknek Apr 1945. Went to Williams Air Corps Base at Chandler, Arizona.
    Served from 23 Nov 1945 to 16 Sep 1947 in Enlisted Reserve Corp.
    He mar September 14, 1946 in Phoenix, Arizona, to Georgia Wilky [Georgia Lee Wilky, born November 9, 1926 in Glendale, Arizona, dau of Harold Cartwright Wilky and Anna Marie Evans].
    They settled in Phoenix.
    He served from 17 Sep 1947 to 20 Apr 1983 in Arizona Army National Guard.
    He retired 20 Apr 1983 with rank of Chief Warrant Officer CWO-4.

    He researched family history. Author of Cashel family tree.
    He contributed to [Berg family history] and [Fleek family history].
    In early 2002, this branch, the descendants of Edward Francis Cashel, made contact with our branch, the descendants of Blennerhassett Cashel, for the first time in perhaps 132 years. In early 2002 Bob emailed me his family tree. He died only months later.

    Bob died 8 Nov 2002, Phoenix, age 79 yrs.
    He was bur Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery, Phoenix. See grave.
    Bob and Georgia had issue:

    1. Ann Fleek.
      DNA match to Niall Humphreys and Nuala Duggan and Desmond Conacher and Kathrin Riordan and James Riordan and Helen McGrath and Derval McGrath and Frank McGrath.
      She contributed to [Berg family history] and [Fleek family history].

    2. David Fleek,
      mar 1stly to Elaine Harley and had issue:
      1. Lori Jean Fleek, had issue:
        1. Carissa Lynn Rodman.
      mar 2ndly to Marilyn Aaby,
      mar 3rdly to Beth Vance,
      mar 4thly to Laura Suzanne Stoffel and had issue:
      1. Travis Robert Fleek.

    3. Sharon Fleek.
      DNA match to Niall Humphreys and John Lavelle and Malachi Spain and Nuala Duggan and Desmond Conacher and Helen McGrath and Derval McGrath and Frank McGrath.
      She mar 1stly to Mark Mercer.
      She mar 2ndly to Nathan Rathbun and had issue:
      1. Vanessa Rathbun.
      2. David Rathbun.
      She mar 3rdly to Thomas Warren.

    4. Janet Fleek, mar Andrew Stuart Cook and had issue:
      1. Sara Nicole Cook.
      2. Drew Stuart Cashel Cook.
      3. Vince Neil Cook.

  5. Patricia Fleek,
    Patricia Ruth, Pat,
    born May 14, 1927, "Cactus Garden", Inspiration mine site, near Miami, Arizona,
    graduated Juneau High School, Juneau, Alaska,
    mar February 10, 1947 in Juneau to Ingvald Varness and had issue.

George Fleek.
Searching for gold at the old Thane Mill site, 1945-46.
From here in [GCM].

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