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Henry Beevin (later Bevan),
born 1703,
of Camas (also spelt Camass), Monasteranenagh par, Co.Limerick (just W of Bruff, S of Limerick).
He mar Avarina Purdon [dau of George Purdon, of Primrose Hill, Co.Cork].
Think this is same family as Purdon that married Blennerhassett in 1836.
They had issue:

George Purdon Bevan,
of North Camass, Co.Limerick,
had issue:

  1. Henry Bevan.
    He mar 1795 to Mary Furnell [dau of Mary Cashell of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary].
    He lived Lemonfield, Knocknagaul par, Co.Limerick, just S of Limerick city, some distance NW of Camas.
    And he held North Camass and Ballinaschoola.
    Mary died 1844.
    They had issue:

    1. Mary Anne Bevan,
      eldest dau.
      She mar 15 Nov 1818 to Arthur Cashel [of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary].
      They mar at Limerick, or at Kilpeacon, Kilpeacon par, Co.Limerick, just S of Limerick city [LDS].
      Lemonfield is just N of Kilpeacon. Kilpeacon would be the nearest church.
      See notice in Freeman's Journal, 25 Nov 1818. Also noted here.

    2. George Purdon Bevan,
      eldest son,
      of Camass (or Camas), Co.Limerick.
      He mortgaged the estate of North Camass to his relative Frederick Bevan, of Camass, in 1836.
      He mar 1840 to Janet Cashel [of Listowel, Co.Kerry].

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