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Henry Cashell, of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary

Greenhall House, Co.Tipperary, in 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view and street view of entrance.
There is apparently a ruined old house at Greenhall today.

Henry Cashell, or Cashel,
born perhaps est c.1720,
of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary,
possibly originally from Ballynevan, Sixmilebridge, Co.Clare.
Probably descendant of Edward III.

He mar 1742 [Marriage Licence Bond] to Rebecca White.
(todo) See [Betham abstracts], 13, 31.
She was dau of John White, of Capparty(?), Co.Tipperary (unidentified, perhaps Cappanilly, Borrisoleigh town, Glenkeen par, NC Co.Tipperary, somewhat to the E of the Bushfield/Shallee/Greenhall area).
[Betham abstracts] says she is sister of Henry White, and of Richard White of Bantry (must be Co.Cork).
She must be relation of Sarah White of Greenhall, Co. Tipperary, in 1760, which her son Benjamin then inherits.

He is "Henry Cashell" of Bushfield who was admitted 1745 as Freeman of Fethard.
His will dated 26 Jan 1762.
He died 1762-1763.
Will pr 31 Jan 1763. Will burnt in 1922.

Rebecca's will dated 2nd [Betham abstracts] or 5th [NAI] Dec 1781.
She died 7 Dec 1781. (todo) See Limerick Chronicle.
Her will pr 14 Sept 1782. Will burnt in 1922. Transcript survives in [NAI].
Henry and Rebecca had issue:

  1. Henry Cashell,
    Harry, of Bushfield.
    He is "Henry Cashell", of Bushfield, who was admitted 1774 as Freeman of Fethard.
    He might be "Henry Cashell" of Dublin who is listed as owning freehold of [poss. Island McTurlo], Co.Tipperary in 1776.

    He mar 1788 to Anne Harrison.
    They mar 16 Sept 1788, (todo) see Limerick Chronicle,
    or Oct 1788 [Walker's Hibernian Magazine].
    She was dau of William Harrison, of Garruragh, Tulla par, E Co.Clare (again in the same Co.Clare/Co.Tipperary border area), by his wife Rebecca ----].
    William Harrison's will dated 5 Mar 1791, he died 1791, will pr 20 July 1791.

    Henry supposed to have died intestate 17 July 1790.
    Though he must be Henry Cashell, who died 9 Jan 1789, at or near Garruragh, Co.Clare, "by a fall from his horse". He was bur Killaloe, Co.Clare. See Hibernian Chronicle, 22 Jan 1789. (todo) See Limerick Chronicle.
    Admin of his goods to his brother Francis Worth Cashell, 8 Feb 1799. (todo) See [Betham abstracts], 13, 102.
    Sadleir Pedigrees thinks he died 1799.

  2. Francis-Worth Cashell,
    Frank, of Bushfield.
    Possibly after grandfather Francis Cashell.
    "Francis Worth Cashell", of Bushfield, gent, was admitted 1774 as Freeman of Fethard.
    "Francisworth Cashel" of Dublin is listed as owning freehold of Bushfield in 1776,
    "Francis W. Cashell" is listed as living Bushfield in 1814 Directory.
    The will of "Francis Worth Cashel", of Bushfield, was pr 1840 [NAI]. Think burnt in 1922.
    If this is him, must be very old. But possible.
    Also seems to conflict with Cashel having left Bushfield (and it as property of Henry G. Cashel, being rented out) at that time.

  3. Benjamin Cashell,
    of "Green Hall, Co.Tipperary".
    This must be Greenhall, just W of Shallee. He must have inherited through his mother.
    Capt. in the Army.
    He must be Benjamin Cashell, of Dublin, gent, admitted 1774 as Freeman of Fethard.

    One of these brothers must be the father of the following Henry G. Cashel.
    Benjamin is probably the father, since Henry G. calls his son Benjamin:

    1. Henry G. Cashel,
      Henry George Cashel, or Cashell,
      of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary,
      born temp 1805, Protestant.
      Must be named after grandfather Henry.
      He had a son Benjamin, who must be named after his grandfather Benjamin.
      Henry G. also claims in 1866 to be the heir of land occupied by "Mrs. Christina Russell", who is perhaps the widow of his Russell 1st cousin.

  1. Mary Cashell,
    Mary Anne. Mary is family name too.
    She mar Thomas Furnell [born 1740, son of Thomas Furnell of Kilderry].
    See FURNELL in [Burkes Irish, 1976].
    They lived at Rockfield, Ballycahane par (near Crecora, Crecora par), Co.Limerick.
    He is listed as "security" at mar of her sister Catherine 1781.
    Rockfield possibly later went to Nihell.
    Rockfield definitely later went to Blennerhassett.
    Mary and Thomas had issue:

    1. Rebecca Furnell [would be after grandmother],
      mar Samuel Bennett [of Balincoola] and had issue.

    2. Mary Furnell [Mary Anne],
      mar Oct 1795, Fedamore, to Henry Bevan and had issue.

    3. Sarah Furnell, mar Samuel Bennett [of Ballinvana] and had issue.
    4. Honora Furnell, mar William White.
    5. Eliza Furnell, mar Terence O'Brien.
    6. Henrietta Furnell, mar Edward Bennett.

    1. John Thomas Furnell, born 22 June 1784,
      died 16 Jan 1787, age 2 yrs.

  2. Rebecca Cashell [would be after mother],
    mar Capt. Henry Crotty [Army Capt.] of Silvermines, Co.Tipperary,
    he is described as of Garryard (just N of Silvermines) at her death,
    he died pre-1817,
    she died 29 Oct 1817, Nenagh, (todo) see Limerick Chronicle,
    had issue:

    1. Francis Cashel Crotty, of Silvermines,
      perhaps after Rebecca's grandfather Francis Cashell,
      Major in 39th Foot,
      he had a coat of arms, (todo) search [NLI] GO for grant,
      motto VERUM MERITUM (apparently means "true merit"),
      had issue:
      1. Rebecca-Anne Crotty.

      These Crottys are somehow ancestors of:

      1. Judy Lingard,
        researching family tree. See posts from her (and more) including posts on Cashel and Blennerhassett.

      Apparently it was noted in the obituary of one of the Crottys that grandmother was from "prominent Cashel family".
      Also in the Crotty family when a child is named Francis, usually the second name is Cashel. This would suggest that Rebecca is granddau of Francis Cashell.

      Probably related:
      R. Crotty, of Golden, Co.Tipperary, Coroner of the county of Tipperary,
      died 6 Jan 1812, at the house of Francis Cashell, Co.Tipperary (probably Francis above), (todo) see Limerick Evening Post.

  3. Sarah Cashell,
    possibly after grandmother Sarah Rowan,
    mar --- Russell.
    This may be the Russell family mentioned in Henry G. Cashel's Power of Attorney 1866 as having land in Kilmastulla par [nr Bushfield], N Co.Tipperary.

  4. Frances Cashell, Fanny,
    Frances is family name too,
    died unmarried.

  5. Catherine Cashell [or Christian],
    "of Garryard, Co.Tipperary" [Garryard, nr Silvermines],
    mar 1781 [marriage licence, Killaloe Diocese, 14th Jan 1781, "licence of marriage without publication of banns", security: her brother-in-law Thomas Furnell of Rockfield, Co.Limerick]
    to Capt. Richard Harte [poss. Hart] of Ballyculleen [or Ballycullen], Co.Limerick.

  6. Jane Cashell, died unmarried.

  7. Dymphna Cashell,
    mar Col. Samuel Gardener [or Gardiner], of London, and had issue:

    1. Dymphna Gardener [or Dympna],
      mar 6 June 1810 [Limerick Chronicle, 23 June]
      to Daniel Nihell [Dan],
      he was of Rockville (or poss. Rockfield, or Barnelicky), nr Adare (Adare par), Co.Limerick,
      this might be Rockfield, Ballycahane par, Co.Limerick, formerly held by Furnell and later by Blennerhassett,
      for his ancestors see [Niall, 1972],
      they moved to Australia 1835, settled Adelaide,
      he died Adelaide, 12 Oct 1846,
      she died Adelaide, 24 Sept 1866,
      had issue, ancestors of Nihell (later Niall),
      for descendants see [Niall, 1972],
      ancestors of:

      1. James M. Niall,
        James Mansfield Niall, born 1915,
        researched family tree, author of [Niall, 1972],
        as at 1972 address was P.O. Box 276, Manuka, Canberra, A.C.T. 2603, Australia.

Unidentified, must be of this family, marrying his cousin:

Might be connected to:

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