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Frank Cashel

Frank Edward Cashel, Member of Alaska House of Representatives, 1959.
From Alaska State Library.
There are some group pictures but low resolution.


Frank Cashel,
Frank Edward Cashel, born 11 Dec 1918 in Seattle, WA.
Democrat politician in Alaska.

His parents were from Alaska but they moved to Seattle for a time.
1959 profile describes him as "originally of Seattle".
His parents came back to Alaska.
1959 profile says he grew up in Douglas, Alaska.
He was educ Douglas High School.
He was educ at University of Alaska (at that time this means University of Alaska, Fairbanks).
See 1938 letter addressed to "Frank E. Cashel, College, Alaska" from "Margaret Lindsay" of Juneau (his half-sister). Letter now in Juneau-Douglas City Museum. Catalog Number 2005.06.189.
He worked in engineering and construction. He was a carpenter.

He mar 1stly, Sat 30 Aug 1941, to Myrtle Hollywood [Myrtle Vera Hollywood, "Myrt", born 1 Apr 1919, Juneau]. No issue.
She was dau of John Hollywood and Edith Zuboff, of Sitka, Alaska.
See entry in tree by Dave Armijo. His grandmother was Rose Hollywood [born Sitka, 1907], 1st cousin of Myrtle Hollywood.
Frank and Myrtle married at St. Peter's by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, Sitka.
See marriage report in Daily Sitka Sentinel, Sept 5, 1941, p.5. Mentions Frank's half-sister "Margaret Lindsay".

He served in US Army in WW2.
See draft card p.1 and p.2. From here. Registration date 22 Sept 1941. He is 5 ft 11 in. Brown hair. Blue eyes.
Draft card says he is then working at Siems Drake Puget Sound Co., Sitka. His permanent address is given as same address as his father, P.O. Box 1195, Douglas. Telephone Douglas 142.
Other sources say he enlisted in US Army on June 22, 1944, as a Private.
Profile says he served as "US Navy, Base Inspector".
Myrtle is "Mrs. Frank Cashel" at wedding of William James Hollywood in Nov 1944. See item in Daily Sitka Sentinel, 6 Nov 1944.
Frank is listed as a Corporal in item in Daily Sitka Sentinel, June 4, 1945, p.3.

After the war he worked in fishing and construction. They lived Sitka.
Profile says he was "Commercial Fisherman, Sitka; Construction Worker, Sitka; Proprietor, Plumbing Business, Sitka".
Director, Employment & Security Division, Department of Labor, Douglas.
Building Official, City & Borough of Juneau.
President/Member, Alaska Council of Carpenters.

Member of Alaska House of Representatives 1959-64.
Frank was a member of the very first Alaska House of Representatives in the 1st Alaska State Legislature, when Alaska, formerly a territory, became a state in Jan 1959.
Frank stood in the primaries in Aug 1958. See item in Fairbanks News Miner, Aug 9, 1958, p.6.
He was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives for the Sitka district in Nov 1958. The House sat from Jan 1959 to 1960.
See Dec 1959 note of thanks from Frank and Myrtle after his father's death.
Frank and Myrtle divorced in 1959-61.
Frank sat again for Sitka in the 2nd Alaska State Legislature 1961-62.

He mar 2ndly, September 1, 1962, Douglas, Alaska, to Betty Kibby [Marian Elizabeth Kibby]. No issue.
She was born Silver City, Nevada, December 10, 1929, dau of Melvin Kibby and his wife Eva. As a child she moved with her family to Douglas, Alaska.
She had issue from her 1st marriage to Gilbert Benedict Gouveia.

Frank sat again for Sitka in the 3rd Alaska State Legislature 1963-64.
Frank and Betty divorced 1979.
He later lived in Seattle, WA.
Frank E. Cashel is listed in 1985 at 317 Marion St # 435, Seattle.
Went into a care home in Seattle.
Social security record says at death he was living in zip code 98003, Federal Way, Seattle.
Social security record says he died Apr 1991.
Death index says he died 2 May 1991 in Federal Way, age 72 yrs.
His burial was organised by the King County coroner. Family not involved.

He had no biological children.
He was the last of the Cashels. He was the last person to have the Cashel Y chromosome, that could say who George Cashel's father was. But he died before genealogy DNA testing.

The Cashel Y chromosome vanished in 1991.


Frank Cashel and his 1st wife Myrtle Hollywood.
Photo was in possession of Rose Hollywood, 1st cousin of Myrtle Hollywood. Courtesy of Dave Armijo.
See full size.


1959 profiles

Profiles of Frank Cashel when he became a Member of Alaska House of Representatives in 1959.

From Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Jan 26, 1959, p.3.

From Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Feb 4, 1959, p.2.

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