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Frederick Knipe Cashel

Frederick Knipe Cashel [descendant of Edward III],
born 1831,
Jacobie O'Leary Cashel thought he might be Catholic (and his wife Protestant), but this seems unlikely,
educ by private tutor,
admitted to [King's Inns] Trinity term 1850, age "under 19",
living Nenagh at time of mar,

mar 29th Sept 1853, Nenagh par church (C of I), Nenagh, Co.Tipperary [GROI, Protestant marriages],
to Susan Charlotte Baldwin [seen as "Susan C.", also just as "Charlotte", born 1834, Church of Ireland, dau of Capt. Richard Baldwin of Rolanduff, Queen's Co., though [GROI] says dau of Edward Baldwin, gent], she is listed as living Nenagh at time of mar,
he died 21st Jan 1865, age 34 yrs, at "Tirville" [unidentified], Terryglass par, N Co.Tipperary [GROI],
Jacobie O'Leary Cashel thought he "Was killed while riding to hounds", but [GROI] shows it was from a long illness,

Susan Charlotte lived 69 Strand Rd, Sandymount, Co.Dublin,
she was at 13 Corrig Ave, Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), Co.Dublin, just before death 1896,
she died 7th Nov 1896, 13 Corrig Ave, age 62 yrs [GROI],
admin of estate (with will) granted 11th Feb 1897 at Principal Registry, Dublin, to her son Arthur [NAI], definitely burnt in Four Courts 1922,
had issue (all Church of Ireland):

  1. Edward Cashel [Edward Baldwin Cashel],
    born pre-1865, born est c.1855, Ireland.

  2. Arthur Cashel [Arthur William],
    born 1859, Ireland,
    listed as "Bank Clerk", living (must be with mother) at 13 Corrig Ave, Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), Co.Dublin, at time of mar 1894,
    mar 12th Apr 1894, Mariner's Church (C of I), Kingstown [GROI],
    to Elizabeth Warren [dau of Samuel Warren, "M.D."?], her living 25 Corrig Ave at mar,
    no issue,
    living 1 Eden Park, Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), Co.Dublin, as at 1897 [NAI],
    he must be "Arthur W. Cashel", listed in [Thom's, 1901] as living 11 Kenilworth Square, Rathgar, Dublin, and working at Registry of Deeds, Dublin,
    Elizabeth died pre-1932,
    he is listed as "Retired Bank Manager" at death,
    died 24th Feb 1932, Sidmonton Square, Bray, Co.Wicklow, age 73 yrs [GROI].

  3. Mary Cashel,
    born pre-1865, Ireland,
    never married,
    NOT Mary Anne, died Dublin South, 1912.

  4. Rowan Cashel [Rowan Frederick Knipe Cashel],
    "born two months after his father was killed" [Jacobie O'Leary Cashel], i.e. must be born 1865, Ireland, though not found in [GROI],
    obviously named after both father and grandfather,
    definitely spelt Cashel,
    Captain and Adjutant, "S.R. Volunteers" (this would be Co.Tipperary (South Riding)), pre-1899,
    mar Alys Marion ----, no issue,
    Officer in the British Army in India, pre-1899,

    later served in the BSAP (British South Africa Police) 1899 - 1906, according to a silver tray presented to him on his relinquishing the adjutancy, with dates inscribed, he was a Major,
    though other sources say he retired as Colonel (higher rank), note in WWI (below) he is a Major,
    (todo) see references to him in [Gibbs, 1972-4],
    emig to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe),

    Cashel and Cashel Valley in Rhodesia are named after him [Sinclair, 1971],
    [Sinclair, 1971] says that "Major and Mrs. Cashel" were "later" the owners of Thaba Nchu (or Thabanchu) in the Cashel Valley,
    see Mrs. Cashel at Thaba Nchu, c.1910,
    in WW1 he had rank of Major in the Rhodesian Regiment of the 1st South African Brigade, he would have been 49 when war broke out in 1914, records describe next of kin as his wife, "Mrs Alys Marion Cashel",
    address as at 12th Feb 1915 was Thaba Nchu, Umtali, Rhodesia [South African Defence Force Documentation Service],
    see Mrs. Cashel at Thaba Nchu, apparently 1923.

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