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Francis Cashell

Cover of the "Cashell v. Rowan" document dated 1729, found in Ms 20610 in [Rowan Papers].
Shows Francis Cashell and his wife Sarah, widow of William Sheircliffe.
See larger and full size.

Francis Cashell,
prob. born 1697, Co.Clare,
of Shallee, Killoscully par, W of Silvermines, SW of Nenagh, N Co.Tipperary [near E Co.Clare and NE Co.Limerick],
incorrectly listed as "George" in "Black Jack's Book", see p.39 of [Hickson, 1872].
He was apparently educ at TCD, prob. BA 1719.

He mar c.1727-29 to Sarah Rowan [of Droumbegg, Co.Kerry, born est c.1702, descendant of Edward III, her mother was a Blennerhassett].
Think the Cashells only came to Co.Kerry through this marriage.
See "Cashell v. Rowan, 1729" in Ms 20610 in [Rowan Papers].

He is "Francis Cashell", Deputy Clerk of the Crown, mentioned in the trial of the Danish Silver Robbery 1731. See [Hickson, 1874]. Hickson also lists him as "Francis Cashel", Deputy Clerk of the Peace.
Hickson is wrong to think he is the brother of "George" who married Rowan.
Francis Cashel, Deputy Clerk of the Peace, certified the indictment of Thomas Hickson of Gowlane, who "seems to have conformed to Protestantism, to qualify himself probably for the appointment of Seneschal of the barony, which he held, but having betrayed his trust he was indicted under the name of Thomas Mac Robert Hickson of Gowlane for harbouring Tories and Papists". See "Hicksons of Fermoyle, Genealogical Notices" in [O'Kief, vol.5, p.455].
He must be "Francis Cashel" who subscribed to the book The Doctrine of Projectiles demonstrated and applied to all the most useful problems in practical gunnery, William Starrat, Dublin, 1733.

[Glin, 1972] thinks he may be the "Mr. Cashell" near Tralee, Co.Kerry, mentioned in letter from John Boyle, 5th Earl of Orrery to John Kempe, from Tralee, 27 Aug 1735. Extract: "I was wrong when I sent you Word, Magee's Farme was in Valencia: It is on this Side the Vast Mountain we cross'd over. His Lease is for ever, which makes me little sollicitous about a Dispute between him & Mr. Cashell for Land said to be mine. Tomorrow, I shall endeavour to settle some Disputes betwixt me & Colonel Hassett". (The latter is Col. John Blennerhassett, 1st cousin of Sarah Rowan's mother.)

Francis fl 1739.
He or his son may be "Francis Cashell", of Tralee, gent, admitted 1754 as [Freeman of Fethard].
He or his son may be "Francis Cashell", lieutenant in the Kerry militia temp 1756, in a regiment of foot under Col. John Blennerhassett. See [Ó Snodaigh, 1971].
Francis and Sarah had issue:

  1. Mary Cashell, born pre-1733,
    must be after grandmother Mary Blennerhassett.

  2. Frances Cashell, born pre-1733.

  3. Ruth Cashell, born pre-1733,
    family name since grandmother's mother Ruth Blennerhassett.

  4. George Cashell,
    born pre-1733, born est c.1733,
    of Rathanny, E of Tralee, Co.Kerry [perhaps came through mother],
    and of Shallee, Co.Tipperary [kept old estate].
    Must be after grandfather George Rowan.
    [O'Connor, 1816] says 1st Baron Ventry was cousin-german (1st cousin) of Rowan Cashel's father, which proves George is son of Sarah Rowan.

  5. Henry Cashell.
    He is probably Henry of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary.

  6. Francis Cashell,
    not listed in 1733,
    had issue:

    1. George Cashell,
      of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
      Source for this is [Ms 4112], but this might simply be a duplicate of Francis father of George of Tralee above.

Francis Cashell on Yielding / Blennerhassett property

"Francis Cashell" on Yielding / Blennerhassett property at Tralee in 1751 and 1766 could be the father or the son.

"Francis Cashell" appears in 1751 on the property at Tralee of James Yielding, uncle of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 1st Baronet.
Property on W side of Tralee.
From [Deed of 1751].

"Francis Cashell" appears in 1766 on the property at Tralee of Frances Blennerhassett (formerly Yielding), mother of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 1st Baronet.
From [Deed of Mar 1766].


Cashell of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary

Bushfield, Co.Tipperary, is in the same area as Shallee. This Henry is probably the brother Henry above, and then his children Francis and Sarah would be named after their grandparents:

This Henry must be the same as the following, given the connections to Ballynevan, White and Greenhall.
Though our Henry is described as "of Bushfield" in 1763. Perhaps he only acquired it after 1760 and just before his death in 1763. Or perhaps this is his uncle Henry in the old home in Ballynevan, while the younger Henry is in Bushfield:

[Betham abstracts] says our Henry definitely has a nephew George Cashell, but it thinks our Henry might be the son of this Francis below. I think this is someone else. Note that [Betham abstracts] only draws this as a dotted line (he is unsure):

The Registry of Deeds

Three Cashels worked together at the Registry of Deeds, Dublin:
  1. Douglas Cashel, of the Bushfield branch, born 1840 or 1841, worked there at least 1869 to 1901.
  2. Richard Cashel, of the "Uniacke Cashel" branch, born 1841, worked there at least 1884 to 1886.
  3. Arthur Cashel, of the "Rowan Cashel" branch, born 1859, worked there as at 1901.
All three were said to be cousins of each other, but not proved.

Both Arthur Cashel and Douglas Cashel's son Sidney C. Cashel are found living at the same address, 11 Kenilworth Square, Rathgar, Dublin, in 1901.

The "Uniacke Cashel" branch

Supposed to be cousins (see above).

Henry Cashel, esq,
born est c.1810,
had issue:

Richard Cashel,
Richard McGillicuddy Cashel, born 1841,
living Dublin at mar,
mar 18th Aug 1875 [him age 34, her age 18], Monkstown par church (C of I), S Co.Dublin [GROI],
to Ellen Uniacke [born 1857, dau of William Uniacke, esq], she is living Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), S Co.Dublin, at mar,
at George's birth 1880 they are living Glasnevin, N Co.Dublin,
at Frederick's birth 1884 they are living 3 St.Thomas' Terrace, Glasnevin, N Co.Dublin, and he is listed as a "Clerk" at the Registry of Deeds, Dublin,
he is living St.Patrick's Terrace, St.Lawrence Rd, Clontarf, N Co.Dublin, at time of death, listed as "Clerk" at Registry of Deeds,
he died 8th June 1886, asylum, N Dublin, age 45 yrs [GROI],

Ellen was living with son Richard at 117 St.Lawrence Rd, Clontarf, as at 1917,
living with sons George and Frederick at Royal Bank House, Greystones, Co.Wicklow, at time of death 1922,
died 26th Aug 1922, age 65 yrs, at Royal Bank House, Greystones [NAI],
(todo) see death in [GROI], Rathdown, 3rd qr, vol.2 p.455,
admin of estate granted 16th Oct 1922 at Principal Registry, Dublin to son George, admin survives in [NAI],
had issue:

  1. Harry Uniacke Cashel,
    Henry, born 1876, Dublin North, (todo) see [GROI] entry, vol.7 p.595,
    died 1877, Dublin North, age less than 1 yr, (todo) see [GROI] entry, vol.2 p.417.

  2. Richard Cashel,
    Richard Uniacke Cashel, born 1879, Dublin North, (todo) see [GROI] entry, 1st qr, vol.2 p.531,
    living with mother at 117 St.Lawrence Rd, Clontarf, at time of death,
    died unmarried, 1st Mar 1917, age 38 yrs, at the Richmond Asylum, N Dublin [NAI],
    (todo) see death in [GROI], Dublin North, 1st qr, vol.2 p.531,
    admin of estate granted 12th Apr 1917, Dublin, to his mother, admin survives in [NAI].

  3. George Cashel,
    George Uniacke Cashel, born 1880, Dublin North, (todo) see [GROI] entry, 4th qr, vol.2 p.439,
    IGI entry says born 20 Oct 1880, Glasnevin,
    "Bank official", living with mother and brother at Royal Bank House, Greystones, Co.Wicklow, as at 1922,
    living with brother at "Royal Bank of Ireland House", Greystones, at time of death,
    died unmarried, 23rd July 1928, at private hospital, Mount St, Dublin, age 48 yrs [NAI],
    (todo) see death in [GROI], Dublin South, 3rd qr, vol.2 p.344,
    admin of estate granted 24th Oct 1928 at Dublin to brother Frederick [NAI].

  4. Frederick Cashel,
    Frederick Uniacke Cashel, NOT "Frederick M.",
    born 11th Mar 1884, 3 St.Thomas' Terrace, Glasnevin [GROI],
    "Bank manager", living with mother and brother at Royal Bank House, Greystones, Co.Wicklow, as at 1922,
    mar 1925 to -----, (todo) see [GROI], Rathdown, 3rd qr, vol.2 p.649,
    "Bank manager", living with brother at "Royal Bank of Ireland House", Greystones, as at 1928,
    his wife died pre-1953,
    he died 18th Nov 1953, Annadale, Greystones, Co.Wicklow, age 69 yrs [GROI].

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