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Jack Riordan.
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James Riordan,
NOT Reardon,
Chief of the Ballast Office at Cork Harbour,
listed as Assistant Secretary, Harbour Board, at son's mar 1904,
had issue:

Jack Riordan,
John, born 28 Jan 1873, Cork.
He is listed as "clerk", living Ivera, Western Rd, Cork, at marriage 1904 (see old map).
He mar 1904 to Kathleen Cashel [Kathleen Mary, born 11th May 1872, descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III].
She was called Kat, Kate, Kattie and Katty.
Living 5 Cathedral Place, Cork (see map) at son's birth 1905. He is listed as "accountant".
Living 5 Highfield Ave, Cork (see map) at son's birth 1906. He is listed as "accountant".
Living 5 Windsor Villas, Highfield Ave, Cork, at son's birth 1908. He is apparently listed as "Clerk".
They are listed in [Census, 1911] as living Spital-lands townland, St.Nicholas' par, Cork city (see old map). This is now the SC suburbs, the area around St.Joseph's cemetery (see modern map). In census, Jack is listed as "Assistant Dues Collector, Harbour Board". They have 1 servant living with them.
They are shown in 1913 postcard at Strand Cottage, Clash, Little Island, Co.Cork. (This would be Clash Road on Little Island just outside Cork. See map.)
See documents about a gift of stock to her from her brother-in-law James O'Mara in Mar 1916: p.1 and p.2 and p.3.
They moved to 13 Myrtle Hill Terrace, Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork.

1916-23 period and the MacSwiney's:
Kathleen and her sister Alice Cashel were great friends with the Cork republican family, the MacSwiney's. This family may be relations of their stepmother Marion McSwiney.
Terence MacSwiney was elected TD for Mid Cork in 1918 for the First Dail (in which Kathleen and Al's brother-in-law James O'Mara sat).
The Riordan house at 13 Myrtle Hill Terrace was one of Terence MacSwiney's safe houses when he was on the run in 1919-20 during the War of Independence. Through the attic window you could get out onto the cliff above the house.
Terence MacSwiney was elected Lord Mayor of Cork in Mar 1920. He was arrested. He died on hunger strike in Brixton Prison, Oct 1920 after 74 days (longest hunger strike in history).

Jack was Collector of Dues at Cork Harbour 1929 to 1944.
Listed as "Cork Harbour Board official" at son's mar 1938.
He retired from staff of Cork Harbour Commissioners in Sept 1944.
Kathleen dies, 1947:
She stayed sometimes at her sister Agnes O'Mara's house, The Grove, Killiney, Co.Dublin, when in ill-health in 1940s.
She died at her sister's house, The Grove, Killiney, 7 May 1947, age 74 yrs. See death in [GROI].
See item in Cork Examiner, May 10, 1947.
See mass card and notes.
She was bur "Ballyphehane", Cork city (must be St.Joseph's cemetery, where her parents are buried, but she is not bur with them).
Jack dies, 1949:
He died at his home, 13 Myrtle Hill Terrace, 7 Aug 1949, age 76 yrs.
See obituary and mass card and notes.
See telegram of sympathy on 8 Aug 1949 from Fr. O'Mara.
Jack and Kathleen had issue:

  1. Jim Riordan,
    James St.John Mary Riordan,
    born 25 June 1905, 5 Cathedral Place, Cork [GROI].
    He was educ UCC (only one sent to college). He didn't graduate.
    He worked Cork Harbour Commissioners.
    He wit his brother Cashel's mar 1938.
    He mar Eileen Horgan [Eileen R. Horgan].
    Lived "Landscape", Hartlands Ave, Cork.
    Listed as "Clerk of Harbour Board" at death.
    He died 28 Oct 1954, at his home, "Landscape", Hartlands Ave, of coronary sclerosis (heart disease), age 49 yrs [GROI].
    Jim and Eileen had issue:

    1. Rosaleen Riordan,
      mar John Connaughton and had issue.

    2. Cashel Riordan,
      mar Jane --- and had issue:
      1. Tadhg Riordan.

  2. Cashel Riordan,
    Cashel John Mary Riordan,
    born 13 Dec 1906, 5 Highfield Ave, Cork, NOT 1907, see birth in [GROI].
    Letter of July 1908 from Patricia O'Mara on holiday in Kilkee, Co.Clare, says: "Aunt Katty and her sons are here."

  3. Jack Riordan,
    John Blennerhassett Mary Riordan,
    born 17 Aug 1908, 5 Windsor Villas, Highfield Ave, Cork, see birth in [GROI].
    Played in Munster schools rugby. Captained CBC Cork.
    He was manager, Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) bacon factory, Tralee, Co.Kerry.
    He mar Peggy Culnan [Peg, from Dungarvan, Co.Waterford], no issue.
    He was President of CWS Sports Club, Tralee.
    He was an Urban District Councillor. Newspaper at death 1955 says he was "elected a member of the Tralee Urban Council at the recent local elections".
    He lived Racecourse Road, Tralee, living there at death 1955.
    Listed at death as "Manager of Bacon Factory".
    He died at Tralee, 13 July 1955, of coronary thrombosis, age 46 yrs [GROI].
    He collapsed on steps of Tralee courthouse, Ashe St, Tralee, and died shortly after at a doctor's surgery nearby on Ashe St.
    See item in Cork Examiner, July 14, 1955.
    See death notice in Irish Press, July 14, 1955.
    Funeral from Ballinlough Church, Cork.
    See mass card.
    (The CWS factory in Tralee closed 1971. It did NOT become part of Denny's.)
    Peggy lived Racecourse Road, Tralee.
    She died c.2000.

Jack Riordan (would be RHS).
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(Left to Right): Jack Riordan, his nieces Sheila and Eithne O'Mara, and a "Father Shanley".
Photo at Cashel.

Wedding ring of Jack Riordan and Kathleen Cashel, date 1904.
Inscribed: "J. K. April 30, '04".
Photo 2016. See full size.
See other shot and other shot.

1913 postcard from Kathleen's nephew Steen O'Mara to "Aunt Kate" in Co.Cork.
Postmarked from Norwood, London S.E. (The O'Maras lived at "Dunlica" in nearby Dulwich.)
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Cashel House, c.1920.
Kat Riordan (left) and her niece Eithne O'Mara.

13 Myrtle Hill Terrace, Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork

The Riordan house, 13 Myrtle Hill Terrace, Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork. See map.
Overlooking the river and the railway line.
A bit up the road from Kathleen's old house.
Riordans living here in 1919-20.
Kathleen's sister gave birth to the Conacher twins here in 1922.
Jack died here in 1949.

Myrtle Hill Terrace on 1887 to 1913 map.

13 Myrtle Hill Terrace is the blue house in the centre here.
2011 screenshot from Google street view.

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