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D. Sheahan,
mar M. Savage
and had issue:

T. Sheahan,
mar M. Reilly
and had issue:

  1. Michael Sheahan, shopkeeper,
    of Buttevant, Co.Cork,
    mar Elizabeth Costello [dau of D.Costello [son of D.Costello and M.Power] and K.Oliver [dau of B.Oliver and M.Charters]],
    had issue:

    1. David Sheahan,
      NOT Sheehan,
      David Benjamin Sheahan, born Co.Cork,
      bapt 13 Feb 1846 [Buttevant RC par records, Co.Cork], sp Will Reily and Mrs. Pigot,
      living Buttevant, Co.Cork, at mar.

[PAT/7, no.1] says David Sheahan was a 1st cousin of the writer priest, so that Michael Sheahan and Patrick Sheehan would be brothers:

  1. Patrick Sheehan (thus spelt),
    mar Joanna Regan and had issue:

    1. Canon Sheehan, the writer priest,
      Patrick Augustine Sheehan (thus spelt), born 17 Mar 1852, William O'Brien Street, Mallow, Co.Cork,
      P.P. of Doneraile, N Co.Cork 1895, remained there until his death,
      first novel pub 1895, wide popularity, classic works of conservative Catholic Ireland of the 19th-20th centuries,
      D.D. 1902, Canon 1903,
      see entry in [Census, 1911], living Doneraile,
      died 5 Oct 1913, Doneraile, age 61 yrs, bur Doneraile.
      See his house.
      See [Boylan's DIB] and [Dict. Ir. Writers].

Plaque on birthplace of Canon Sheehan, William O'Brien Street, Mallow.
Photo 2013. From here.

Grave of Canon Sheehan, Doneraile.

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