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Letter from 11th Earl of Pembroke to Elizabeth Montgomery, 1822

Letter of 22 Aug 1822 from the 11th Earl of Pembroke to his niece Elizabeth Montgomery (wife of Arthur Gibbon).

From the Earl of Pembroke, at Tunbridge Wells, 22 Aug 1822.

To Mrs. Arthur Gibbon at Osborne's Hotel, Adelphi, London.     [one of the top hotels in London at that time]

I certainly thought you had been o'er this far on your way to your Bairns; in a more airy situation than can be the Hotel of Osborne, the very thoughts of which are just now completely melting. I franked and forwarded your letter, and in return to what you have thought it necessary to state, I can assure you that I place perfect confidence in what you express. Lady Pembroke's progress to ultimate recovery is as speedy as is consistent with safety, and as this place is necessarily quiet and suits her in all respects, I hope she will let herself be persuaded to remain here for a length of time.

Pray tell Mr. Gibbon that I thank him much for his present in favour of Sidney to whom the little Shetlander will be very acceptable as a pet, should his legs be already too long to ride him. I shall be glad to know when he will arrive at Southampton or at Ely, that a proper reception may be ready for him.

I must say that George has a great deal of merit and promises to make a very good parish priest. He has an unhappy flock to deal with, an ill-built house, and like everybody else a diminishing income, but I perceive in him qualities which I think will enable him to cope with all difficulties and to enjoy all advantages.

Lady Pembroke with her love to you joins with me in wishing you and Mr. Gibbon a good passage to Aberdeen, whenever you undertake it.

Yours affectionately,

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