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Miscellaneous Gibbon of Aberdeenshire area

Gibbon of Aberdeen

Gibbon of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

There was a Gibbon family at Stonehaven, S of Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire.
Beryl Mitchell says Gibbon of Stonehaven are related to the other Gibbons of Aberdeen:
"There had been Gibbons, all relations, in Aberdeen and its surrounds, also Stonehaven since the 17th Century."

Possibly of this family:

Alexander Gibbon, or Gibson,
had issue:

  1. Sophia Gibbon, or Gibson,
    bapt 28th Aug 1745, Dunnottar, S side of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire,
    mar 19th July 1766 [Dunnottar, Stonehaven] or 20th [Nigg, Aberdeen]
    to James Gibbon [born 1742 or 1743] and had issue.

Beryl Mitchell's family probably starts with:

William Gibbon, born est c.1715,
mar 1st Feb 1747, Elie, Fife,
to Janet Jamieson [or Jamison] and had issue:

  1. William Gibbon, bapt 6th Dec 1747 [Elie, Fife].

Must be the same as:

William Gibbon, had issue:

  1. Capt. William Gibbon, junior, born 1747,
    described as "Birthmaster at shore" at his burial, and "Capt." at his wife's burial, and "shipmaster, Aberdeen" at Sarah's marriage,
    mar Maria Cranmer [or Mary, think NOT Margaret, born 1746],
    they lived Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire,
    he died 13th Aug 1821, "age 74 yrs", bur 17th Aug at St.Fittick's, Nigg Bay, Aberdeen,
    Maria died 19th Oct 1825, age 79 yrs, bur 25th Oct at Nigg Bay,
    had issue:

    1. Alexander Gibbon.

    2. Lieut. Col. --- Gibbon, 2nd son, born 1782,
      in the Honourable East India Company's Civil Service (HEICS) (the name for the Indian Civil Service pre-1858),
      died 25th Mar 1833, age 51 yrs, bur Nigg Bay,
      had issue:

      1. Jane [grave] or Jean [burial record] Gibbon, born 1819,
        bur 28th Feb 1833 at Nigg Bay, age 14 yrs.

    3. James Gibbon,
      bapt 27th Aug 1783 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen], twin with William.

    4. William Gibbon,
      bapt 27th Aug 1783 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen], twin with James,
      died 31st May 1792, age 8 yrs, bur Nigg Bay.

    5. Sarah Isabella Gibbon [or Sarah Isabel], 4th dau,
      bapt 28th Aug 1786 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      mar 26th Jan 1809 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen]
      to "Capt." [her grave, marriage] or "Lt." [her burial record] Adam Mellis (or Mellies) of the 60th Regiment,
      Adam died before her,
      she died 27th Nov 1831 [think NOT 1832], age 45 yrs, bur 8th Dec at Nigg Bay.

    6. Jane Gibbon.
    7. (child) Gibbon.
    8. (child) Gibbon.

    9. Rev. Charles Gibbon,
      9th child, youngest,
      born 20th (or 29th) Nov 1789, Aberdeen,
      bapt 2nd Dec.

Gibbons buried in the old graveyard of Echt, Aberdeenshire

The old graveyard of Echt is S of Echt, on N side of South Kirkton (see map and street view).
See [Echt grave inscriptions].

The Gibbon graves in the old graveyard of Echt.
Photo 1998. See larger and full size.

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