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Capt. Arthur Gibbon

Marriage of Arthur Gibbon and Jean Gibbon, 16 Feb 1755.

Capt. Arthur Gibbon,
born est c.1730.
Ship builder, ship owner and ship's captain.
He is of parish of Nigg, Aberdeen, at mar.
He mar 1stly, 16 Feb 1755, to Jean Gibbon [or Jane].
Barbara Yates Gibbon family tree of 1872 has Arthur's 1st wife as "Jean Meldrum". Think this is wrong.
Earlier family notes of 1849 have her as "Jane Gibbon" (and they do note the maiden names of Gibbon wives). That perfectly matches the marriage entry we found.

At dau's bapt 1756 he is listed as "ship master".
"Capt. Arthur Gibbon", shipmaster, Aberdeen, witnessed bapts of Capt. Robert's children 1772 through 1785.
"Mrs. Arthur Gibbon" witnessed bapts of Capt. Robert's children 1774 and 1783.
He was a partner in the Aberdeen Whale Fishing Company (founded 1783). James Gibbon was also a partner in the company.
The Rotterdamse Courant newspaper, Rotterdam, Holland, no. 149, 13 Dec 1785, states that skipper "A. Gibbon" sailed from Hellevoetsluis to Aberdeen. This could be him. Certainly his brother Robert traded with Holland.
Jean died.
She was bur Nigg Bay. No gravestone.
Capt. Arthur had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Christian Gibbon (daughter).
    She was bapt 20 Dec 1756 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen]. See entry.
    She didn't marry.
    She was bur 25 Feb 1832 at Nigg Bay, age 75 yrs.

  2. Margaret Gibbon,
    bapt 13 Dec 1761 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    She mar Dr. Peter Knox and had issue.

Capt. Arthur mar 2ndly, 25 Jan 1798, to Jean Cummings [or "Jane Cumming", poss. Cummins, born 1759].
She was younger than his daughter. She was 39. His dau was 42.
They mar at St.Nicholas' or St.Paul's, Aberdeen.

He is described as "Capt." at 2nd wedding and the later children's baptisms.
Arthur was bur 28 Nov 1800 at at Nigg Bay. No gravestone.
Burial entry describes him as Arthur Gibbon, "carpenter". This would refer to his ship building activity.
[Wyllie, 2020, p.315] says: "his main wealth lay in his 1/16 share of the Aberdeen Whale Fishing Company including the two ships Latona and Hercules. He also had a half share in the Lark, a brigantine that had been converted from an open lighter built by himself."

Jean is "Mrs. Arthur Gibbon" listed as living Huntly St, Aberdeen in [Aberdeen Directory] 1828-1829. And listed there in [Aberdeen Directory, 1829-30]. And up to 1832-1833.
She was bur 7 Jan 1832 at Nigg Bay, age 73 yrs.
Capt. Arthur had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Isobel Gibbon,
    or Isabella, born 7 Aug 1798,
    bapt 18 Aug 1798 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    She was bur 20 Apr 1816 at Nigg Bay, age 17 yrs, unmarried.
    Or possibly buried at Footdee (on the other side of the mouth of the River Dee).

  2. Arthur Gibbon,
    born 1 Jan 1801, after father's death,
    bapt 15 Jan 1801 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    He must be "Arthur Gibbon, Junior, writer" who witnessed bapts of Arthur Gibbon's children 1823 through 1829.
    "Writer" means solicitor in Scotland.
    He was bur Nigg Bay.

Arthur Gibbon is asked to build a lighter for building works at Aberdeen harbour in 1774.
This must be this Arthur, who remained active in ship building.
From p.84 of [Clark, 1921].

Capt. Arthur Gibbon forms the volunteer militia, the Aberdeen Battery Company, in 1794 during war with France.
From p.124 of [Clark, 1921].

Baptism of Christian Gibbon, 20 Dec 1756.

Section on Capt. Arthur Gibbon in [Barbara Yates Gibbon family tree].
See full size.


Capt. Arthur Gibbon grave, Nigg Bay


Burial of Arthur Gibbon, Nigg, 28 Nov 1800.

Capt. Arthur Gibbon and family are buried in plot 2 of the Gibbon graves in the NE corner of Nigg churchyard.
From second sheet of notes on Gibbon graves at Nigg.
See also listing for plots 2 and 3 in first sheet of notes.

Christian Gibbon is buried in plot 2 or 3. From first sheet of notes.

More of Capt. Arthur Gibbon family buried in plot 4.

Map of the Gibbon graves in the NE corner of Nigg churchyard, showing plots 2, 3 and 4.
From notes on Gibbon graves at Nigg.

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