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St.Fittick's church, Nigg Bay, Aberdeen

Burial place of Gibbon of Aberdeen.
St.Fittick's churchyard, on St.Fittick's Road, just outside Torry, just outside Aberdeen.
This is a disused churchyard between the edge of a Torry housing estate and the sea at Nigg Bay.
This location is more properly said to be in Torry, or Nigg Bay, than in Nigg itself, which is some distance to the South.
See findagrave for the graveyard.

St.Fittick's church dates from the 12th century.
St.Fittick's Manse was built beside it around 1759.
The church fell into disuse around 1829 when the new church was built on Nigg Kirk Road.
The manse was demolished around the 1960s.
The ruin of the church survives.

The new Nigg Church is on Nigg Kirk Road, Nigg, Aberdeen. It opened 1829. It is now closed and disused. It has a large graveyard. See street view.
The new Torry St.Fittick's Parish Church is on Walker Road, Torry, Aberdeen. See street view.


Gibbon graves

NE corner of graveyard (with gravestones):

NE corner of graveyard (no gravestones, but family notes show they are at same location as previous): NE corner of the church: E gable end of church: On ground at E gable end of church:



"Kirk of Nigg" and Aberdeen on Roy Military Survey of Scotland, 1747-1755.

St.Fittick's church on OS map. Survey date: 1865. Publication date: 1868.
St.Fittick's has two buildings here - the now vanished manse to the W and the ruined church to the E.

Torry and St.Fittick's church, on 1912 map of Aberdeen.

Location of St.Fittick's church, on S side of St.Fittick's Road.
The manse is now gone.
Click to toggle map/satellite view. Click to zoom in/out. Drag to move.
From Google Maps.

St.Fittick's church. Close-up of above.
The Gibbon graves are in the NE corner here.

Street level view. Click to rotate to see the sea.
From Google Maps.
See 360 view from the air.

Old pictures


St.Fittick's, Nigg Bay.
See larger and full size.
From [Ogilvie, 1901].

St.Fittick's manse.
See larger and full size.
From [Ogilvie, 1901].

Modern pictures


St.Fittick's, Nigg Bay, from the sea side.
Photo 1998. See larger and full size.

Photo 1998. See larger and full size.

See full size.
Photo 2004 by Pamela Adam. From here. See terms of use.

Location of St.Fittick's. See full size.
Photo 2005 by Pamela Adam. From here. Used with permission.

St.Fittick's church, looking out to sea.
Photo 2008. See larger and full size.



St.Fittick's church. Pan from land side to sea.
The noise is young people playing.
Video 2008.
From here. Hosted at my YouTube account.
Download AVI file.

St.Fittick's church in winter.

St.Fittick's church, 2010.

St.Fittick's church, 2011.


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