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Dan Humphrys


Dan Humphrys.
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Dan Humphrys,
bapt 1 Mar 1885.
Lived at Bohergar on family farm with parents.
Living at home in 1911 census, unmarried.
His father died 1931. Dan registered his death. Living Bohergar.
He inherited farm at Bohergar. He built a new house there in 1932.
Listed as farmer, Bohergar, at mar in 1937.

He mar 6 Feb 1937 [him age 51, her age 29] to Nina O'Donnell [pronounced "Nigh-na", Hanora, Nora].
She was born 24 June 1907, Summerville, Pallaskenry, Co.Limerick, dau of Charles O'Donnell, farmer, of Summerville. See birth cert from here.
She is living Summerville at mar.
They mar at unidentified place (possibly the Franciscan Friary), Clonmel, Co.Tipperary.
See mar cert from here. This confuses his address and her address. Mar wit by James Humphrys and Mary O'Donnell.

Dan maybe adopted the new spelling "Humphreys". His children did.
He died 12 Dec 1977, age 92 yrs [grave, Abington].
Nina died 9 Nov 2004, age 97 yrs [grave, Abington].
They had issue:

  1. Nora Humphreys,
    mar Richard Hourigan and had issue.

  2. Shane Humphreys, mar Eileen Power and had issue:
    1. Deirdre Humphreys, mar Sean Fitzgerald and had issue:
      1. Neassa Fitzgerald.
      2. Shane Fitzgerald.
      3. Niall Fitzgerald.
    2. Eimear Humphreys.
    3. Donal Humphreys, mar Margo O'Dwyer and had issue:
      1. Sinead Humphreys.
      2. Aisling Humphreys.
      3. Ciara Humphreys.
      4. John Humphreys.

  3. Margaret Humphreys, mar Paul O'Connell and had issue:
    1. Matthew O'Connell.
    2. Vincent O'Connell, mar ---- and had issue:
      1. Paul O'Connell.
    3. Paul O'Connell.
    4. Shane O'Connell.

  4. Charles Humphreys, mar Clare ----.

Left to Right: Nina O'Donnell, Nina's sister May O'Donnell, Dan Humphrys.
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