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John Humphrys, of Boher

John Humphrys and Margaret Moore, of Boher.
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John Humphrys,
bapt 10 Nov 1843,
of Bohergar, Boher, Co.Limerick.
Bohergar was owned by his father since 1856. John probably moved there at marriage or earlier.

He mar 1876 to Margaret Moore [born 1853 or 1854, Co.Limerick, of Coolnamona, Doon, Co.Limerick].
Margaret's sister Mary Moore married John O'Neill and they were parents of Patrick O'Neill, Bishop of Limerick (born 1891).

John and Margaret are living Bohergar at son's birth 1888. He is farmer.
He is listed at Bohergar in [Census, 1901]. He is "farmer". They have one farm servant and one domestic servant living with them.
He bought William Humphrys' pub, 6 Upper Cornwallis St (later 6 Upper Gerald Griffin St), Limerick, at auction think 30th Jan 1908.
He stayed in Boher. His daughters Josie and Nora ran the pub and lived there (they are there in 1911 census).
He is listed as "gentleman" at dau's marriage Sept 1908.
He is listed at Bohergar in [Census, 1911]. He is "farmer". They have one farm servant and one domestic servant living with them.
He gave pub in Limerick to his son Tim in 1923 [Deed of 30 June 1923].

He died Bohergar, 11 Dec 1931, age 88 yrs [gravestone, Abington].
See death cert from here. Listed as farmer. Age is totally inaccurate.
He was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
He has the new spelling "Humphreys" on grave, but children used the old spelling "Humphrys" much later.
Margaret died 6 April 1932 [gravestone, Abington], age 78 or 79 yrs.
She was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
John and Margaret had issue:

  1. Cis Humphrys,
    Cissy, think NOT "Sis", born Bohergar,
    bapt Margaret, 6 Mar 1877 [Murroe RC par records], sp Timothy Humphrys and Mary Anne Moore.
    She went to Dublin to uncle Mick.
    She is not listed at home in Boher in 1901 census.
    Cis worked as a model for Manning's, the fashionable women's shop on Grafton St, Dublin.
    She used to model fashions for the ladies of the Viceregal court at the Viceregal Lodge. This was during the time of the Marquess of Aberdeen (1905-15). She was always ambivalent about her relations' nationalism after that.
    Manning's is listed in [Thom's, 1905] as "Court costumiers, furriers, lace and lingerie manufacturers, silk merchant, etc.", 102-103 Grafton St.
    She met Matthew when she was working in Manning's.
    She lived over Manning's shop for a time. She is listed as living 102 Grafton St (Manning's) at mar.

    She mar 1908 to Matthew Langan and had issue.

  2. Jim Humphrys, born Bohergar,
    bapt James, [Murroe], 30th Jan 1879, sp Daniel Moore (must be relation of mother), Margaret Ryan (unidentified).

  3. Emily Humphrys,
    Em, NOT Eileen, born Bohergar,
    bapt "Emila", [Murroe RC par records] 7 July 1880, sp James Humphrys, Winifred Cummins.
    Living Bohergar at mar. Don't know why mar in Cork.
    She mar 22 June 1904, St.Peter and Paul's, Cork, to Tobias English and had issue.
    See mar cert from here.
    She was married by her uncle Fr. James Humphrys.

  4. Mary Humphrys, born Bohergar,
    bapt [Murroe] 5 Feb 1882, sp Anthony Humphrys (unidentified), Kate Moore (must be relation of mother).
    She wit her sister Emily's mar 1904.
    Living at home in 1911 census, unmarried.
    She mar Vincent Corbett [born 15 May 1879] and had issue.

  5. Teresa Humphrys,
    Teresa M. Humphrys, born Co.Limerick,
    bapt [Murroe] 9th Sept 1883, sp John Lloyd, Teresa Moore (must be relation of mother),
    teacher, Glasgow, Scotland,
    didn't marry,
    burial record gives address as "Verville", Clontarf,
    died 12th Jan 1959 [grave], age 75 yrs,
    bur Glasnevin Cemetery with brother Jim.

  6. Dan Humphrys,
    Daniel, born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 1st Mar 1885 [Murroe par records], sp John O'Neill and Emily Moore.

  7. Catherine Humphrys,
    Catherine M. Humphrys, born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 13 Feb 1886 [Murroe], sp James Lloyd and Catherine Humphrys.
    "Kattie" in 1901 census.
    She was a nun, at Nazareth House, Mallow, Co.Cork. "Sr. Stanislaus".

  8. Anne Humphrys,
    born Boher, bapt 18th Sept 1887 [Murroe], sp David Humphrys and Honora Humphrys,
    died young,
    not in 1901 census.

  9. (other child) Humphrys,
    died young,
    1911 census says 13 children, 11 then living.

  10. Jack Humphrys,
    John, born Bohergar, 15 Sept 1888.
    See birth cert from here.
    He was bapt 16 Sept 1888 [Murroe RC par records], sp John Humphrys and Mary Humphrys.

  11. Tim Humphrys,
    Timothy, born Bohergar,
    bapt Timothy, 2 Mar 1890 [Murroe RC par records], sp Edmund Lloyd and Margaret Lloyd.
    Inherited pub on Upper Gerald Griffin St, Limerick.

  12. Josie Humphrys,
    bapt Johanna, but Josephine in census, born Boher,
    bapt 27 May 1891 [Murroe RC par records], sp Nicholas Humphrys and Kate Humphrys.
    She and her sister Nora ran the family pub, 6 Upper Gerald Griffin St, Limerick, for a time.
    She and Nora are listed in 1911 census at the pub. Name spelled "Humphreys".
    She mar pre-1931 to Richard Ryan and had issue.

  13. Nora Humphrys,
    bapt Honora, Hanora in census, born Boher,
    bapt 2 Dec 1892 [Murroe RC par records], sp Timothy Humphrys and Margaret Lloyd.
    She ran the pub in Limerick with her sister Josie for a time. There in 1911 census.
    She got TB. She went to Australia. She didn't marry.
    She was NOT a nun. Not to be confused with her aunt Nora who was a nun in Australia.
    She was secretary to Daniel Mannix, Archbishop of Melbourne.
    She died in Australia.

The pub at 6 Upper Gerald Griffin St, Limerick, in [Guy's directory, 1912].
Note Punch's pub next door in no.5.

Grave of John Humphrys, Abington, Co.Limerick.
Photo 2009. See full size.
See other 2009 shot courtesy of Richard Humphreys.

Catherine Humphrys, the nun.
Courtesy of Nora Humphreys.
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Unknown photo. Thought to be from family of Humphrys of Boher.
Courtesy of Nora Humphreys.
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