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James Hourigan, of The Orchards, Annagh


Wedding of James Hourigan and Mona Lane, 1932.
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James Hourigan,
Jim, born 29 June 1893.
At home in Ahane in 1901 and 1911 census.
He inherited the old family home, the "Orchards" house at Annagh.
He inherited Annagh after his childless uncle Thomas died 1928.
It was decided the older son of Rick would move to Annagh, and the younger son would inherit Ahane. Annagh was the larger property.
James probably moved to the old house in Annagh in 1928.
He built a new house at Annagh in 1932. "The Orchards" on the gate.
He is farmer, living Murroe (would be Annagh), at mar 1932.
He mar 8 June 1932 to Mona Lane [born 9 Mar 1903].
She is dau of his 3rd cousin Joanna McGrath. Common ancestor Jack Hourigan.
See mar cert from here. Says his father is "Patrick Hourigan", farmer, but it seems that is just an error. Note her father's name "Patrick Lane" was written first for his father, and then the surname only crossed out and changed to Hourigan.

Mona died 8 Jan 1970, age 66 yrs.
She was bur at Caherconlish.
James died 11 Mar 1973, age 79 yrs.
He was bur at Caherconlish.
James and Mona had among other issue:

  1. Paddy Hourigan.
    He mar Anne Carroll and had issue.

  2. Richard Hourigan.
    He mar Nora Humphreys.
    He is son of her 3rd cousin Mona Lane. Common ancestors Tim Ryan and Margaret Hourigan.
    They had issue:

    1. James Hourigan.
    2. Michael Hourigan.
    3. Nina-Maria Hourigan.

  3. Mary Hourigan.
    She mar James O'Brien.
    She researched Hourigan family history.
    They had issue:

    1. William O'Brien.
    2. Mona O'Brien.
    3. Marguerite O'Brien.

Grave of James Hourigan (died 1973) at Caherconlish.
Photo 2012. See full size.
From Creative Commons.

Grave of Mona Lane (died 1970) at Caherconlish.
Photo 2012. See full size.
From Creative Commons.

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