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The Kennedy "Fox" family, of Knockacullin, Kilnarath par, in the mountains E of Newport, SE of Doonane, Co.Tipperary.

Norah Humphrys, said to be of Doonane, married Kennedy "Fox" in 1837.
Patrick Humphreys of Doonane married Kennedy of this area in 1842.


In fact, there could be an even earlier link between Humphrys and Kennedy in this area.
"Humph. Kennedy", Catholic, head of a family of 5, is listed in the Union of Kilnarath, Co.Tipperary, in [Religious Census 1766].
From NAI IHP/1/693.


Kennedy "Fox" family


Marriage of Thomas Kennedy and Norah Humphrys, 6 Feb 1837.


Kennedy of Foilduff

Patrick Humphreys of Doonane married Kennedy of Foilduff in 1842.
Foilduff is close to Knockacullin and Knockfune.
It might seem like they must be related to the above Kennedys.
But [Humphreys of Doonane family history] says they were different Kennedys to Kennedy "Fox".

Map showing Knockacullin and Knockfune and Foilduff in mountains to E of Newport.
From Geohive.


JFK story

Paddy Humphreys said there was a story that Kennedy "Fox" of Co.Tipperary were related to JFK's family of Co.Wexford.
But this seems highly unlikely.


For what it is worth, JFK's family starts with:

John Kennedy,
of Dunganstown, Whitechurch par, near New Ross, Co.Wexford,
had issue:

James Kennedy,
of Dunganstown,
mar Maria ----,
had issue:

  1. Patrick Kennedy,
    born 1823, Dunganstown, Co.Wexford,
    emigrated to America in 1849,
    had issue:

    1. Patrick Joseph Kennedy, born 1858,
      had issue:

      1. Joseph Patrick Kennedy, born 1888,
        had issue:

        1. John F.Kennedy, born 1917,
          President of the United States 1961-1963,
          mar Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.

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