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Edward Kickham

"Edward Kickham" sp baptism of his nephew Thomas Kickham, 22 Apr 1836, Mullinahone RC par records.

Edward Kickham,
born est c.1790, Catholic.
His father was a Protestant who married a Catholic. Edward and his siblings were Catholic.
See the proof that Edward of Mullinahone, son of Charles, is the same as our Edward of Mullinahone, son of Charles.
He was a shopkeeper, of Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary.
He mar pre-1812 to Margaret Armstrong [born est c.1790].
Children bapt Catholic.
He is listed in [Deed, 1812].
He would be Edward Kickham, of Mullinahone, shopkeeper, who wit [Deed, 1815].
He is listed (along with brothers) in [Clonagoose Deed, 1817].
"Edward Kickham" sp baptism of his nephew Thomas Kickham in 1836.
"Edward Kickham" sp bapt of his grandson Edward Cashel 1840.
Edward and Margaret had issue:

  1. Charles Kickham,
    would be named after grandfather Charles Kickham,
    bapt 13 Jan 1812 [Mullinahone RC par records],
    sp "Charles the grandfather" (this is what is written in the par records) and Mary Flynn.

    He may be identical with Charles Kickham, of Islands, but the more likely theory is this is Charles Kickham of the Kilvemnon branch.

  2. Mary Kickham,
    "Mary Frances" in [PAT/13, no.2 and no.4],
    "Mary F." in [PAT/13, no.1],
    poss. Mary Anne,
    listed just as "Mary" in par records,
    would be after grandmother Mary Clancey,
    born est c.1815,
    can't find bapt in [Mullinahone RC par records].
    She mar 6 Feb 1838 to George Cashel [born 1807, policeman] and had issue.
    They mar at Mullinahone. See mar entry in Mullinahone RC par records.
    Marriage witnessed by Edmond Kickham (maybe her father) and William Armstrong (maybe her uncle).
    Mary was apparently pregnant at marriage (by date of birth of first child).
    [RIC records] is WRONG to say married June 1841.

  3. William Kickham,
    born 1816, Ireland [US Census, 1850],
    bapt 4 Apr 1816 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp John Dunne and Mary Kickham.

  4. Samuel Kickham,
    bapt 19 Apr 1818 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Bridget Egan.

  5. Sarah Kickham,
    bapt 12 June 1820 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Michael Quinlan and Joanna Ryan.
    "Sarah Kickham" sp bapt of her niece Agnes Cashel 1838.
    "Sarah Kickham" sp bapt of her nephew Edward Cashel 1840.
    "Sarah Kickham" sp bapt of her niece Agnes Cashel 1842.



Baptism of Charles Kickham, 13 Jan 1812, Mullinahone RC par records.
Sponsored by "Charles the grandfather".

Baptism of William Kickham, 4 Apr 1816, Mullinahone RC par records.

Baptism of Samuel Kickham, 19 Apr 1818, Mullinahone RC par records.

Baptism of Sarah Kickham, 12 June 1820, Mullinahone RC par records.


Reward to Margaret Kickham, 1840

The [CSORP] index shows the following:

This could be our Margaret Armstrong above.
Unfortunately, like many CSORP papers, it is in the index but the paper is missing. So we have no further information.


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