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Laurence Kickham

Grave of Laurence Kickham (died 1836), Kilvemnon.
Photo 2008. See full size.

Richard Kickham was meant to be 1st cousin of the Fenian.
So we are identifying: Laurence Kickham, shopkeeper, of Mullinahone, son of Charles,
with: Laurence Kickham, shopkeeper, of Mullinahone, who married Anastatia Landy and was father of Richard Kickham.

Laurence Kickham,
of Mullinahone,
born 1791.
Listed in [Deed, 1812].
He must be "Laurence Kickham, of Mullinahone, shopkeeper" who wit [Deed, May 1815].
His father died Dec 1815.
There are two deeds sworn and registered on exactly the same day in 1817: [Mullinahone Deed, 1817] and [Clonagoose Deed, 1817].

He mar 29 Feb 1824 [leap year day] at Windgap, Co.Kilkenny (just across border from Mullinahone)
to Anastatia Landy ["Anty" at marriage and children's baptisms].
At mar she is living Ballygowan, Co.Kilkenny (there are two townlands called Ballygowan, a bit SE of Windgap, see map).
See image from Windgap RC par records. Mar wit by James Kickham and Mary Landy.

Laurence is listed as shopkeeper in Mullinahone at dau's bapt 1825.
His wife is written "Mary Landy" at dau's bapt 1832, but this is clearly an error, confusion with godmother.
He died 27 June 1836, age 45 yrs [grave, Kilvemnon].
I had another reading of the grave before cleaning as age 43 yrs, but we will go with the cleaned grave.
Anastatia fl 1836, erected her husband's gravestone at Kilvemnon. She is of Mullinahone.
Laurence and Anastatia had issue:

  1. Mary Kickham,
    bapt 31 Jan 1825 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp John Kickham and Judy Dunn,
    see image from here.

  2. Richard Kickham,
    bapt 27 May 1827 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Thomas Kickham and Mary Mahony,
    see image from here.

  3. Elizabeth Kickham,
    Betty, bapt 23 Jan 1832 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Timothy Dun and Mary Landy,
    see image from here.


Grave of Charles Kickham, died 1815 (left) and Laurence Kickham, died 1836 (right).
Kilvemnon graveyard, S of Mullinahone.
Photo 2008. See larger and full size.

1822 disturbances

A Laurence Kickham appears in 1822 in Mullinahone district in a group of men supporting the local tax collector, who met some resistance.
It is not clear if it is this Laurence. It could be Laurence Kickham of Kilvemnon.
It is perhaps more likely to be this Laurence since he is a young man, not in his 50s.
It would be interesting if the uncle of the Fenian was helping collect the taxes in 1822.

Account of the attempt to collect taxes, and the resistance met.
"Laurence Kickham" was in the tax collecting group. He and his men were threatened by the hostile crowd.
From Freemans Journal, July 10, 1822.

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