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McCarthy of Ardfert, Co.Kerry

Mary Barrett in [P102/207(29-30)] writes it "McArthy".
We assume that is just an error, because her spelling is very bad. She writes "grate gran mother", and "Abby" for "Abbey", and "maid" for "made", and so on.

--- McCarthy,
of Ardfert, NW of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
[P102/207(29)] says: "the McEllistrems, McArthys and Scollards are from Ardfert".
He had issue:

  1. Mary McCarthy.
    She mar pre-1805 to Richard McEllistrem [born est c.1780] and had issue.
    Richard ran business at Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.

  2. (dau) McCarthy.
    She mar --- Scollard [of Ardfert].
    Mary Barrett in c.1907 [P102/207(30)] says there are some Scollard relations then living in Ardfert.

Mary McCarthy mentioned in [P102/207(29)].
"Big Mamma your father used call her".
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Fr. Dan McCarthy

Wonder if Fr. Dan McCarthy of Ballylongford is some relation:

Rev. Dan McCarthy, Curate, listed under Tarbert in [Pigot's Directory, 1824].

Monument to Fr. Dan McCarthy (died 1859), St.Mary's church, Chapel St, Tarbert.
Photo 2013. See larger and full size.

Another Fr. Dan McCarthy

There is a later Fr. Dan McCarthy:

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