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Miscellaneous Nolan of Shanagolden area

Nolan of Barrigone, Co.Limerick

Carmel Rainsford saw a Nolan family tree, apparently a tree by James Nolan or Michael Nolan.
She reports that it said Nolan of Barrigone, Co.Limerick, were relations of Nolan of Waterpark.
She thinks it said Michael Nolan of the Waterpark family went to a farm at Barrigone in 1729.
From him descended:

Barrigone village (to SW) and Morgans South (to NE) on 1829 to 1842 map.


Nolan of Morgans, Co.Limerick

Must be related to Nolan of Morgans South above.
Buried at Knockpatrick right beside the graves of our Nolan family of Waterpark.

Two Nolan grave stones on ground, beside the grave of our Nolan family.
Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
Photo 2013. See full size.
LHS of the two stones is the stone erected by Cornelius Nolan.
RHS of the two stones is the stone erected by Michael Nolan.

Other Nolan graves at Knockpatrick

Other Nolan graves, beside the above Nolan graves. Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
Photo 2013. See full size.
Centre is Nolan grave.
To far right is the 1741 Nolan grave.
LHS is Allen grave.
RHS is Cahill grave.

Other Nolans

These two baptisms in [Shanagolden RC par records] apparently have Barrett as the father but the two children with surname Nolan.
Need to see originals:

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