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My ancestors - Nolan - Contents

Thomas Nolan, of Waterpark

Thomas Nolan has two burial markers (with different dates of death).
With other Nolan graves at Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
Photos 2013.
See full size left and right.

Thomas Nolan,
bapt 3 Dec 1858.
He inherited family home, Waterpark, Shanagolden, Co.Limerick.
He would be "Thomas Nolan" who wit the mar of his 1st cousin John Mangan 1892.
"Thomas Nolan, Waterpark" was at funeral of John Danaher Aug 1900.
In 1901 census he is unmarried, living with widowed mother at Waterpark, father dead.
Thomas Nolan of Waterpark is listed as nephew of Margaret Nolan at her death 1903.
Listed as farmer, of Shanagolden, at mar.

He mar 27 February 1906 (him age 47, her age 27) to Bridget Fitzgerald [born 1879, Co.Limerick].
She was called "Getta", pronounced "Jetta" (from "Bridgetta"), NOT "Gretta".
She was dau of John Fitzgerald, farmer. Family of Fitzgerald of Glin, Co.Limerick. At mar she is living at Glin.
She was a relation of Canon J.K. Fitzgerald, parish priest of Coolcappa-Kilcolman, Co.Limerick, from 1925 to 1942.
She was sister of Dr. Daniel Aloysius Fitzgerald, whose gravestone at Kilfergus, Glin, she erected in 1932.
She was said to be the first woman in Ireland to hold a Bachelors degree in teaching, but she did not go to work as a teacher.
They mar at St.Francis Xavier's church, Upper Gardiner St, Dublin. See mar cert from here. The mar was wit by Patrick Nolan and Margaret Laffan.

They are listed at Waterpark, Shanid Lower, in [Census, 1911]. He is "farmer". They have 2 farm servants, one domestic servant and one nurse living with them.
Listed as "farmer" at son's birth 1919.
Thomas Nolan of Waterpark listed as cousin of Rev. Mortimer McCoy at his funeral 1927.

He died 8 Mar 1936, at his house, Waterpark, age 77 yrs.
See death notice in Irish Press, March 9, 1936.
See death cert from here. He is farmer.
Funeral Tue 10 Mar 1936, bur Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
See funeral report in Limerick Leader, March 21, 1936.

Bridget died 23 May 1964, age 85 yrs,
bur Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
Thomas and Bridget had issue:

  1. Irene Nolan,
    born Catherine Nolan, born 1907, Co.Limerick,
    alive in 1911 census,
    died think pre-1979,
    listed on Knockpatrick grave.

  2. John Nolan, born 1909, Co.Limerick,
    John Joseph, John Joe, J.J.,
    listed as "John" in 1911 census,
    died pre-1970,
    Knockpatrick grave lists "John, Joseph" in error, as if there were two people.

  3. James Nolan, born 1910, Co.Limerick,
    listed at sister's funeral 1935 and father's funeral 1936,
    fl 1970,
    farmed land at Waterpark, though lived in Shanagolden town,
    not listed on Knockpatrick grave,
    bur Shanagolden cemetery.

  4. Thomas Nolan,
    listed at sister's funeral 1935 and father's funeral 1936,
    think he worked in bank,
    died pre-1970,
    listed on Knockpatrick grave.

  5. Michael Nolan,
    Michael Anthony Nolan,
    born 14 Feb 1913, Shanid Lower (Waterpark), see birth in [GROI].
    Listed at sister's funeral 1935 and father's funeral 1936.
    He was a chemist, educ UCD, MPSI.
    Chemist in Main St, Shanagolden, and in Foynes.
    He mar Brenda Joyce.
    He did a Nolan family tree.
    He wrote 1970 letters to Jack Nolan.
    Michael and Brenda had issue:

    1. Mary Nolan.
    2. Breed Nolan.
    3. Agnes Nolan.

  6. Patrick Nolan, Pat.
    Listed at sister's funeral 1935.
    He registered father's death 1936. Living Waterpark.
    He died pre-1970.
    Listed on Knockpatrick grave.

  7. Dan Nolan,
    died pre-1970,
    listed on Knockpatrick grave.

  8. Mary Nolan,
    "Mae" [family notices], "May" [death notice], "Mai" [grave],
    born 1917.

    She drowned in 1935, age 18:
    She drowned on 10 Aug 1935, age 18 yrs, at Robertstown, Co.Limerick.
    She went swimming alone on Sat 10 Aug 1935 at a creek at Robertstown, did not return. Robertstown is NE of Shanagolden, on an inlet off the Shannon Estuary.
    Her body was found on Mon 12 Aug when it was washed up on the shore near Robertstown Church (see street view).
    See report in Limerick Leader, August 12, 1935.
    See report in Irish Press, August 13, 1935.
    See death notice in Irish Press, August 13, 1935.
    See death cert from here.

    Funeral 13 Aug, bur Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
    See report in Limerick Leader, August 14, 1935.
    See funeral report header and body in Irish Press, August 17, 1935.
    See report in Limerick Leader, 17 Aug 1935.
    See family notice in Irish Press, August 22, 1935.
    See family notice in Irish Independent, August 26, 1935.

  9. William Nolan,
    Willie, William Gerard Nolan, born 8 July 1919, Waterpark.
    See birth cert from here.
    He is listed at sister's funeral 1935 and father's funeral 1936.
    Lived Waterpark, Co.Limerick.
    He mar Moira Cantillon [of Ballybrown, Knockaderry, Co.Limerick, see map, NOT Cantillion, NOT Cotillion].
    She was a teacher.
    They moved out of Waterpark in 1982 to a new house.
    He died 6 Nov 1987.
    He was bur Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
    Moira died 2012, bur Shanagolden cemetery.
    They had issue:

    1. Marina Nolan.
    2. Irene Nolan.
    3. Thomas Nolan.
    4. Noel Nolan.
    5. Geraldine Nolan.
    6. Ann Nolan, mar --- Myers.
    7. Liam Nolan, mar ---- and had issue:
      1. Roxanne Nolan.
      2. Christopher Nolan.
    8. Laura Nolan.

Waterpark House, nr Shanagolden, Co.Limerick.
Photo c.1900.

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