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William Nolan

William Nolan and Catherine Potter.
Think around the time of their wedding, 1899.
See full size. Courtesy of Marie Crowley.

William Nolan,
William Joseph Nolan, born 6 June 1871, Waterpark, near Shanagolden, Co.Limerick.
He became a publican in Dublin.
He had pub at 8 Fownes's St, Temple Bar, Dublin. This was apparently at junction with Cecilia St. Though possibly at junction with Temple Bar (see modern map).
He is listed as grocer, of 8 Fownes's St at mar.

He mar 11 Jan 1899 [St.Paul's RC church, Arran Quay, Dublin] to Catherine Potter [Catherine Mary, "Katie" on mar cert].
She was born 1870, or possibly 1871, Lincolnshire, England. Catholic.
She was dau of John Potter. He is described as occupation "commercial" at dau's mar.
Catherine was aunt of the actress and entertainer Maureen Potter (born 1925).
Catherine was living at mar at 4 Downham Terrace, Connaught St, Phibsborough, Dublin (see map). Her family was said to be from Broadstone which is same general area.
See mar cert from here. The mar was wit by his brother Patrick Nolan and Lillie Ronan (or Lilly).

William Nolan and Catherine Nolan, both of 8 Fownes's St, wit the marriage of Teresa Nolan in July 1899.
Listed as grocer, 8 Fownes's St, at dau's birth 1900.
W.J. Nolan, tea and wine merchant, is listed at 8 Fownes's St in [Thom's, 1901].
They are listed in 1901 census in Temple Bar. He is grocer. They have one servant with them.
Ned Guiney is living with them in 1901 as an apprentice. (He later married William's relation Aileen Mangan.)

William later had a pub at 19 St.Michael's Hill, at the corner of St.Michael's Hill and Cook St, Dublin. This is now the corner of Winetavern St and Cook St, on left as you go down hill to river. The site is cleared today (see street view).
William J. Nolan, grocer and spirit merchant, is listed at 19 St.Michael's Hill in [Thom's, 1910].
They are listed in 1911 census at 19 St.Michael's Hill. He is grocer, publican. They have two grocer's assistants and one servant living with them.
William J. Nolan, grocer and spirit merchant, is listed at 19 St.Michael's Hill and 45 Cook St in [Thom's, 1919].
William and Catherine had issue:

  1. Cathleen Nolan,
    Catherine Mary Gertrude Nolan, Kathleen,
    [Jim Nolan tree] lists "Kal",
    born 20 June 1900, 8 Fownes's St, Dublin.
    See birth cert from here.
    Listed in Mar 1901 census as age 9 months.
    Not listed in 1911 census.

  2. James Nolan, died in infancy.
  3. James Nolan, died in infancy.

  4. James Nolan,
    James Joseph Nolan, Jim, Jimmy, third child called James,
    born 1904 (apparently not 1905), Dublin.
    Listed in 1911 census.
    He might be J. Nolan, Dublin, who is at Mary Nolan's funeral 1935.
    He mar Frances O'Shea [Fran] and had adopted issue.
    He corresponded with Michael Nolan about the Nolan family tree.
    He made out [Jim Nolan tree] think 1979.

  5. Mary Nolan,
    Mary Philomena Nolan, born 1909, Dublin,
    listed in 1911 census,
    lived 17 Connaught St, Phibsborough, Dublin,
    "P. Nolan" is found at that address in [Thom's, 1945].

  6. Annie Nolan,
    Annie Josephine Nolan, Anne, born 1910, Dublin,
    [Jim Nolan tree] lists "Ann",
    listed in 1911 census,
    died of TB.

  7. William Nolan, died young.
  8. May Nolan, died young.

  9. Possibly another child, Louis Nolan.
    As at 1911 there had been 7 children, Nolan, born, of which 3 had died and 4 were alive.
    One child was poss. Minnie Nolan.
    [Jim Nolan tree] lists a Mag Nolan.

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