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John Mangan

(Left) John Mangan. See larger and full size.
(Right) Margaret McCarthy. See larger and full size.

John Mangan,
bapt 17 Jan 1842,
of Gourbane, Shanid Lower townland, near Shanagolden, Co.Limerick.
He would be "John Mangan" who sp bapt of his nephew John Joseph Mangan 1873.
He registered his father's death 1882. Him living "Gourbane".
He inherited Gourbane 1883.
John Mangan, Shanid lower, listed in [Postal Directory of Munster, 1886].
He is farmer, of "Shanagolden" at mar.

He mar 23 February 1892 [him age 50, her age 36 or 31] to Margaret McCarthy [born 1856 (by death cert) or 1861 (by census age), NOT Sara].
She was born Co.Limerick, dau of Peter McCarthy, farmer.
She was from Crecora (SW of Limerick city), Crecora par, Co.Limerick (across the county from Shanagolden). John's sister Annie Mangan lived in this area.
She is listed at mar as "farmer", of Monaster, Co.Limerick. Monaster is just S of Crecora. See map.
The McCarthys owned a lot of land round Crecora.
The old McCarthy family home was Skehanagh House, SE side of Crecora. But the McCarthys owned other farms around Crecora. The McCarthys were said to own 700 acres in the area.
Margaret was aunt of Florence McCarthy [Florrie], a Republican activist and friend of Sighle Humphreys. See [Mac Eoin, 1980].
John and Margaret married at St.Patrick's RC church, Cork city. See mar cert from here. Mar wit by Thomas Nolan.

John registered his mother's death 1893. Him living "Shanid Lower" (Gourbane).
He was at funeral of James Nolan 1897, listed as nephew.
They are listed in 1901 census at Shanid Lower. He is farmer. Two servants living with them.
"John Magner, Gourbane" (obviously him) is listed as nephew of Margaret Nolan at her death, Feb 1903. (Note that in Shanid district in 1901 census there is no one at all with surname beginning with Mag, while a search on surnames beginning with Man leads only to the Mangans.)
John is described as of Gourbane in his sister Ellen's will, June 1903.
He owned Gourbane outright 1906 (renting before then).
They are listed in 1911 census at Shanid Lower.
[P106/554] is postcard of 1912 from Dick Humphreys on a visit to his relations in Gourbane, writing home to his mother Nell.

John dies, 1914:
He died 13 Jan 1914, age 72 yrs, at Shanid Lower (i.e. Gourbane).
See death cert from here. He is "farmer".
In c.1920 the Mangans bought the field to the N of Gourbane (marked with red cross here), across the townland border in Ballycormick townland.

Margaret dies, 1928:
She died at Gourbane, 8 Nov 1928, age 72 yrs, or maybe age 67 yrs.
See death cert from here.
John and Margaret are both bur in the grave of John's father Denis Mangan in Kilbradran graveyard.
John and Margaret had issue:

  1. Denis Mangan,
    born 16 Oct 1894, Co.Limerick.
    He inherited Gourbane.
    He inherited Skehanagh House.

  2. Alice Mangan,
    born 1895 or 1896, Co.Limerick.
    She became a Good Shepherd nun.
    She was in same order as aunt Bridget Mangan (died 1915) and her much older 1st cousin Annie Mangan (born 1867, died 1949).
    She was said to be a nun in Cork, so might have been at same convent as Bridget and Annie, the Good Shepherd convent, Sunday's Well, Cork.
    She was at Nell Humphreys' funeral 1939.
    She died Waterford, c.1973, age c.77-78 yrs.

  3. Aileen Mangan,
    born 1898, Gourbane,
    listed as "Ellen" in 1901 census, but "Aileen" in 1911 census and thereafter,
    always spelt "Aileen", NOT "Eileen", but pronounced "Eileen".
    Listed as living "Shanagolden" at mar.
    She mar 1923 to Ned Guiney and had issue.

  4. Marjorie Mangan, born 1902.
    She was a nurse at St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin.
    Listed at death as unmarried, nurse, living 1 Burgh Quay, Dublin.
    She died St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, 17 July 1934, age 32 yrs.
    The story was there was a botched operation and she got septicemia.
    See death cert from here. This says she died of pelvic peritonitis and ovarian abscess.
    She was bur with parents in Kilbradran graveyard.

The front of Gourbane.
Looks like John Mangan (standing back LHS) and Margaret McCarthy (to RHS).
From photo probably of 1893-94.

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