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Carton Brothers, Halston St (at corner of Cuckoo Lane), Dublin.
Drawing of 1971.

Thomas Carton,
born 11 Apr 1844, Dublin.
See entry in tree by Mark Lloyd.
His family ran Carton Brothers (founded 1775), poultry and egg business, Halston St (at corner of Cuckoo Lane), near Capel St, Dublin (see modern map).
Carton family was very prosperous.
Thomas mar 1884 to Sara Butterly [or Sarah, born 1859, Dublin].
They lived 19 Charleville Terrace, North Circular Road, Dublin.
Living 19 Charleville Terrace at son's birth 1885. Thomas is "poultry factor".
See family listed at 19 Charleville Terrace in [Census, 1901].
See family listed at 19 Charleville Terrace in [Census, 1911].
Family still at 19 Charleville Terrace in 1919.
Thomas and Sara had issue:

  1. Fonso Carton,
    Alphonsus Joseph Carton, Phons,
    born 4 Apr 1885, 19 Charleville Terrace, Dublin. See birth cert from here.
    He normally used "Fonso". Listed as "Fonso" at his wedding and at his wife's parents' funerals.
    He was bapt apparently 4 Apr 1885, St.Paul's, Arran Quay, Dublin.
    He was educ Clongowes.
    He was a great friend of Frank Flanagan.
    Listed at home in 1911 census. He and his father working in the family poultry and egg business.
    Listed at mar as "merchant", living family home, 19 Charleville Terrace.
    He mar 1919 to Eileen O'Mara [born 19th Sept 1897].
    When O'Mara and Carton married, people described it as "bacon and eggs".
    The Cartons were of course known as "The egg Cartons".
    Eileen contributed to article on her father, 1970.
    She died 13 July 1973, age 75 yrs.
    Fonso died nursing home, Kilcroney, near Bray, 2 Jan 1981, age 95 yrs.
    Fonso and Eileen had issue:

    1. Hugh Carton.

    2. Ruth Carton,
      mar her 2nd cousin Jim O'Mara.

    3. Brian Carton,
      mar Marie Deevy.

    4. Ann Carton,
      mar Liam Flanagan.

    5. Myles Carton.

    6. Garrett Carton.
      DNA match to me and Niall Humphreys and John Lavelle and Malachi Spain and Donal Duggan and Nuala Duggan.
      Author of Carton family tree.
      He mar Margaret Sheehy and had issue:

      1. Catherine Carton.
      2. Elizabeth Carton.
      3. Rachel Carton.

    7. Mary Carton,
      mar Maurice Kelly and had issue:

      1. Tom Kelly.
      2. Sheila Kelly.
      3. Frank Kelly.
      4. Ruth Kelly.
      5. Emer Kelly.
      6. David Kelly.

Charleville Terrace on 1887 to 1913 map.
Junction of North Circular Road and Charleville Road. See modern street view.
Thomas Carton and family lived at 19 Charleville Terrace.
These houses have been renumbered as part of North Circular Road, so not sure which one would be 19 Charleville Terrace.


Carton Brothers


Former site of Carton Brothers ("Caterway" building), Halston St (at corner of Cuckoo Lane).
Click to rotate.
From Google Street View.

History and profile of Carton Brothers.
"Nationwide", RTE One TV, 9 May 2011.

Disproved: Link to Oliver St.John Gogarty

It was previously thought that Fonso Carton was a 2nd cousin of Oliver St.John Gogarty.
But Garrett Carton says this has been disproved.
Their connection is to the Gogarty family next door to Carton on Halston St, but apparently these are no relation to Oliver St.John Gogarty.


Henry Gogarty.
He mar Margaret Oliver.
They had issue:

  1. Oliver St.John Gogarty,
    the writer, conversationalist and Dublin character,
    born 1878.
    He was educ Clongowes.
    He was a friend of Joyce.
    Lived for a time in 1904 at Martello tower in Sandycove. He and his home were immortalised by Joyce in the opening chapter of Ulysses. Gogarty was the model for "Stately, plump Buck Mulligan".
    Friend of Frank Flanagan.
    In 1917 he bought as a country house Renvyle in Connemara, where he entertained in style. See [Irish Country Houses].
    He died 1957.

Carton's in [Pettigrew & Oulton, 1845].
Note Gogarty next door.

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