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The two Rays who married into our family were brothers.
The family was in Limerick by 1852, but may have come from somewhere else, possibly Dublin.
Thomas Ray,
born 1819.
He mar Hanora Cooper.
He is listed as "butler" at death.
He died 9 Mar 1873, 11 Thomas St, Limerick, age 54 yrs.
He is listed as "Attendant" on son's mar cert.
"Mrs. Ray and Dick" are mentioned in letter of 30 June 1875.
Thomas and Hanora had issue:

  1. Thomas Ray,
    Tom, born 1849.

  2. Richard Ray,
    Dick, census says born Limerick city,
    bapt 22 Feb 1852 [St.Michael's, Limerick].

Might be related:
"Daniel Ray" is listed as butcher and shopkeeper, 4 Thomond gate (or "High Road, Thomondgate"), Limerick, in [Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867] and [Bassett's, 1884] and [Guy's, 1886] and [Ashe's, 1891],
Above is the listing in [Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867].

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