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Thomas Ray

Think Mary O'Mara.
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Thomas Ray,
Tom, born 1849.
He mar 18 Nov 1874 [St.Michael's, Limerick] to Mary O'Mara [bapt Oct 1850].
Can't find mar in [GROI].

Thomas ran pub, 42 George Street (now O'Connell St), Limerick.
Thomas Ray sp bapt of Fr.Paddy 1875.
Thomas Ray, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 George St, listed in [Bassett's, 1875] to [Bassett's, 1884].
Family lived at 42 George Street.
Letterhead of 27 July 1879 says "Thomas Ray, family grocer and Italian warehouseman, 42 George St and 1 Cecil St, Limerick". (Italian warehouses were shops selling products from southern Europe.)
Thomas Ray of George St, "Grocer", was executor of will of his wife's 1st cousin Mary Anne Lynch 1883.
Listed as "wine and spirit merchant", 42 George Street, at birth of son 1884.

Long illness:
Tom suffered ill health for years. His death cert 1892 says he died of "phthisis" (TB), which he had for 7 years (i.e. since 1885).
Thomas Ray, grocer, 42 George St, listed in [Guy's, 1886].
He is mentioned as "Uncle Tom" on holiday in Co.Clare in 1888 in [Lavelle, 1961].
In letters of Mar-Apr 1889, Tom is in bad health. His brother-in-law Stephen O'Mara has joined him for a holiday in England in Torquay in the hope that the climate improves him. Stephen is wondering whether Tom should go on a trip to a warmer climate in Australia, or even go to live there.
Letter of 1 April 1889 says "Tom spit up blood this morning". He continued to be ill on and off through to the last letter from Torquay on 7 Apr 1889.
Thomas Ray, grocer and spirit merchant, 42 George St, listed in [Ashe's, 1891].
Thomas Ray, grocer and publican, 1 Cecil St, Limerick, is listed in [Ashe's, 1891].
In letter of 1 Mar 1891 Stephen O'Mara is again in Torquay with Tom, who is again unwell.
At death 1892 he was living Park View, Corbally, Limerick. He is "gentleman".

Thomas dies, 1892:
He died 27 Feb 1892 [grave],[death cert] or Sun morning 28 Feb 1892 [newspaper], age 43 [grave],[death cert].
He died at his residence, Park View, Corbally, of "phthisis" (TB). See death cert from here.
Funeral 1 Mar 1892. Attendance included the Mayor of Limerick, the High Sheriff of Limerick, many local politicians, and Francis Arthur O'Keeffe, MP.
He was bur Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
See funeral report, Limerick Chronicle, Tue 1 March 1892.

Cannot find Mary in 1901 census.
She died 29 Nov 1914, age 64 yrs, at her son's house, 12 Healthfield Rd, Terenure, Co.Dublin [GROI], NOT 1917.
(todo) See Limerick Chronicle, 1 Dec 1914.
She was bur 1 Dec 1914 at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery with husband.
Thomas and Mary had issue:

  1. Thomas Ray,
    Thomas C. Ray, "Lad Ray", only son,
    born 8 May 1884, family home, 42 George Street, Limerick [GROI].
    1911 census is wrong to say born Co.Dublin (1901 census lists it correctly).

Ray letterhead on letter of 27 July 1879.
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Park View, Corbally, Limerick

Park View (or "Park"), Corbally, NE side of Limerick.

Park View (the Ray house), Corbally, Limerick, on 1887 to 1913 map.
Park House was a church property.

Park View, Corbally, for sale around 1920.
The closest years when 9 June was a Friday would be 1916 and 1922.
From here.

Park View, Corbally, today.
Click to rotate.
This location is now the S end of Old Park Road. See map.


Thomas Ray grave

Thomas Ray grave, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Location: lat 147 long Y. As you walk from the N gate down the path towards the chapel, this is near the path on the RHS shortly before you get to the O'Mara graves on the LHS.

Grave of Thomas Ray, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Photo 2009. See larger and full size.
See wider shot and wider shot.

Grave of Thomas Ray, close-up.
Photo 2009. See larger and full size and other shot.

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