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Richard Ray

Left to Right: Michael Judge, Nora O'Mara, Kate O'Mara, unknown, Eileen O'Mara, Dick Ray.
Kilkee, 1914.
See larger and full size.

Richard Ray,
Dick, bapt 22 Feb 1852, Limerick.
His brother Tom married into the O'Maras in 1874.
Dick became a friend of the O'Maras and appears in family letters before his marriage. For example, letters of 30 June 1875 and 2 July 1875.
He lived Thomas St, Limerick. The O'Maras moved to Thomas St in 1878.
He is listed as "Draper", living Thomas St, Limerick, at mar 1881.

He mar 14 June 1881 [St.John's cathedral, Limerick] to Kate O'Mara [Catherine, bapt 10th Nov 1854].
See entry in [GROI]. Marriage wit by Thomas Joyce and Helen Ray (or Ellen).
Richard owned a provision shop on Roches St, Limerick, opposite O'Mara's bacon factory. The Ray shop was a retail outlet for O'Mara's bacon.
He is described as "Provision Merchant", 46 Roches St, Limerick, at son's birth 1885.
Richard Ray, Provision Merchants, 46 Roches St, listed in [Guy's, 1886] and [Ashe's, 1891].
"R. Ray" of Roches St was admitted as a member of the Catholic Institute, Limerick at meeting of 8 May 1892.
"Catherine Ray" sp bapt of her niece Nora O'Mara 1897.
He is at funeral of James O'Mara 1899.
They are listed in 1901 census at Military Rd, Limerick. Business still in Roches St. He is provision merchant. They have 1 servant.
Her sister Nan died 1905 "at the residence of her sister", 6 Alexandra Terrace, O'Connell Avenue (Military Rd, see 1870 map). This must be Kate's house.
"R. Ray" was at funeral of Matthew John de Courcy 1909.

They are listed in 1911 census at house no. 37 (does not correspond to postal number) Military Road, Limerick. Census outer sheet says this is 3 Auburn Villas. Foley are in 1 Auburn Villas. Business still in Roches St. He is provision merchant. They have one servant. The census form strangely lists "Canada" in "where born" column - this is where their son was living.

Their residence is listed as Auburn Villas in [Guy's, 1912].
Richard Ray, Provision Merchants, 37 Roches St, listed in [Guy's, 1912].
Richard Ray, Provision Merchants, 41 Roches St, listed in [Guy's, 1913] and [Guy's, 1914].
Their residence is listed as 1 Auburn Villas in [Guy's, 1914]. Maybe an error, or there has been a re-numbering.
They moved post-1914 to "Derravoher", North Circular Rd, Limerick.
He was at funeral of William de Courcy 1915.
They visited America and are listed in [US census, 1920] as visiting their only child in Santa Barbara, California.

Richard died "Derravoher", 16 Jan 1929, age 76 yrs [GROI]. Listed as merchant.
He was bur 18 Jan 1929 in Ray grave at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Kate died "Derravoher", 14 Feb 1933, age 78 yrs, listed as widow of merchant [GROI].
She was bur 17 Feb 1933 in Ray grave at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Richard and Kate had issue:

  1. (child) Ray,
    1911 census says they had 2 children born alive, only 1 living in 1911.

  2. Jim Ray, James,
    James Mary, born 12 May 1885, 46 Roches St, Limerick [GROI].
    Meant to be educ Mungret College, Limerick. Though not found in list of pupils.
    He and his cousin Tom O'Mara suffered from or were at risk of TB, and went to Canada for their health, also with Tom's sisters. It was believed Canada was better climate for avoiding TB.
    It was thought they went in 1909, but "James Ray" wit the mar of his 1st cousin Lad Ray in Dublin in July 1910. He might have gone later than the O'Maras.
    Tom O'Mara's sisters came home. Jim Ray and Tom O'Mara lived Calgary, Alberta.
    Jim was an accountant. Invested on the Stock Market, very successfully.
    He and Tom O'Mara moved to US, to Arizona.
    Jim then moved to California 1917.
    He mar 1918 in Santa Barbara, California, to Hanora Kenney [Nonie, "Hanora" on grave, think NOT Hanorah. born 1893, Lompoc, Santa Barbara county, California].
    She was Irish-American, dau of Edmond Kenney and Kate Carroll. She was sister of Tom O'Mara's wife Molly Kenney.
    The Kenneys and Carrolls were from Rathkea, Bruis par, Co.Tipperary. They had emigrated to California about 1885.
    Hanora worked in the movie business in California before she married. She worked at the Flying A studios in Santa Barbara (would be in 1912-18 period). At this time Santa Barbara was a film making centre rivalled only by Hollywood. Hanora met Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford and John Barrymore and other stars of the silent movie era.
    Jim and Hanora are listed in [US census, 1920] as living Santa Barbara, California, (todo) see original.
    Tom O'Mara and Molly Kenney also lived Santa Barbara.

    Jim and Hanora came back to Limerick in 1920-23. Son born Limerick 1923.
    His father died 1929.
    Jim and Hanora were living "Derravoher", North Circular Rd, Limerick, in 1929 to 1933.
    The "Richard Ray" shop on Roches St, Limerick, was still going as at 1935, with his father's name still on it.
    Jim was a Director of O'Mara's bacon company at time of O'Mara's centenary, 1939.
    He died 26 July 1950 [grave], at Barrington's Hospital, Limerick [burial record], age 65 yrs,
    (todo) see death of James M. Ray, Limerick, 3rd qr 1950, age 65 (born 1885), [GROI] vol 5 p 194.
    He was bur 28 July [burial record] in Ray grave at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
    Hanora died 12 May 1965 [grave], at Barrington's Hospital, Limerick, age 72 [burial record].
    She was bur 13 May [burial record] in Ray grave at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
    Jim and Hanora had issue:

    1. Dick Ray,
      Edmund Richard Kenney Ray, or Edmond,
      born in Limerick, 23rd August 1923,
      mar Winifred Quinn,
      he died 9th April 1973, Limerick, age 49 yrs,
      had issue:

      1. Margaret Ray, mar Nial Nestor and had issue:
        1. Liz Nestor, mar Michael Skerritt and had issue:
          1. Leah Skerritt.
          2. Sophie Skerritt.
        2. Alex Richard Nestor.

      2. James Ray.

Richard Ray's shop and O'Mara's bacon factory and Lynch and Spain on Roches St, Limerick, listed in [Guy's, 1893].

Richard Ray shop at 41 Roches St.
Photo 1930s.
See full size. From Tipperary Archive. Tipperary Studies Photographic Collection.
This building on Roches St survives today.

Ad for Ray's, 41 Roches St, Limerick.
From Limerick Leader, August 24, 1935.
Still called "Richard Ray" even though he is dead and his son Jim Ray is running it.

James Ray.
Photo of the Directors of O'Mara's at O'Mara centenary dinner, 1939.
See larger and full size.


Derravoher, North Circular Road, Limerick

NIAH entry says "Derravoher" was built c.1830.

"Riverside" on 1887 to 1913 map.
This is apparently "Derravoher".
NIAH says "Derravoher" was formerly "River View" but it must mean this house.
See modern map and satellite view.

2009 street view of what is apparently "Derravoher".


Richard Ray grave

Richard Ray grave, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Location: lat 197 long La. Go through gate, straight on, up to chapel, go left, LHS of centre of chapel, a few graves in.

Richard Ray grave, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Photo 2009. See larger and full size.
See wider shot showing location relative to chapel.
See close-up.

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