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Fionn O'Rahilly

Lisbabe on 1829 to 1842 map.

Fionn O'Rahilly,
of Lower Lisbaby (or Lisbabe), Co.Kerry (see map),
born est c.1710.
This whole branch is called the O'Rahilly "Fionn" tribe.
Though interestingly, his uncle the poet describes himself as "Aodhagan Fionn". See page 251 of [Dineen and O'Donoghue, 1911].
Maybe the name Fionn goes back further.

See note on the wives of Morgan O'Rahilly and Fionn O'Rahilly.
According to our theory, Fionn probably married Mary O'Sullivan.
We think this is who he married, rather than Mary O'Donoghue "Mourney".
Fionn and his wife had issue:

  1. Conn O'Rahilly,
    of Upper Lisbaby, Co.Kerry,
    Cornelius or Con [P102/207(4)],
    Conn [King, 1910],
    eldest son, born est c.1735.

  2. Daniel Rahilly,
    Donal, of Lisbaby Lower,
    born est c.1740.

  3. Thomas Rahilly,
    He mar Ellen O'Donoghue.
    They are possibly ancestors of Rahilly of Tullig.
    They had issue:

    1. Joseph Rahilly,
      died unmarried.

    2. Mary Rahilly.
      She mar pre-1824 to Richard Fitzgerald and had issue.
      She had a child baptised in 1824. Perhaps Thomas is her grandfather, not father.

  4. Mathew Rahilly,
    NOT Michael, see [P102/207(7)],
    mar --- Hickey [or Hannan],
    had issue:

    1. Patt Rahilly,
      would be Patrick,
      mar --- Hannan [or Hickey].

      He may be identical with:

      Patrick Rahilly, or Reilly,
      possibly of Killarney,
      mar Bridget Hannan,
      had issue:

      1. Patrick Rahilly, of Melbourne, Australia.
      2. John Rahilly, of Melbourne.
      3. Matthew Rahilly, "left Clare for America about 1848".

        There is a notice seeking information about this family in the Kerry Sentinel, 29 July 1905.

  5. John Rahilly,
    born est c.1750,
    ancestor of Rahilly of Glangristeen, Co.Kerry.


Notice in 1905 seeking information about family of Patrick Rahilly.
From the Kerry Sentinel, 29 July 1905.


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