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Miscellaneous Rahillys and O'Rahillys

Rahilly of Tullig, Killarney par, Co.Kerry

[King, 1910] said Rahilly of Tullig are somehow related to our family.
[P102/207(7)] said Rahilly of Tullig might descend from Tom son of Fionn, but did not really know.


Tullig, Killarney par, Co.Kerry, on 1829 to 1842 map.

Killarney RC parish, Co.Kerry

Killeentierna RC parish, Co.Kerry

Killeentierna, some distance N of Killarney (see map)

Other Co.Kerry

Rahilly of New Jersey

This family apparently had a tradition that they are related to The O'Rahilly.
The family spelt the name "Rahilly".
It is spelt "Rahilley" on Michael Rahilly's grave, but that is thought to be an error.

Note that this Michael Rahilly has been repeatedly confused with Dr. Michael Joseph Rahilly of Ballylongford (baptised 27 Jan 1838). There is no evidence these Rahillys are from Ballylongford. There is no known date of birth/baptism for this Michael. And no middle name is known for him.


Michael Rahilly's grave, Allentown, New Jersey.
See full size. From findagrave.


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