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Michael Hickie

Mary Hanrahan.

Michael Hickie, born Pulleen, bapt 13 May 1837.
Farmer, of Pulleen, Kilnaughtin parish, near Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.
He would be "Michael Hickie" who sp bapt of his niece Ellen Broder 1865 and his nephew Patrick Broder 1869.

He mar 11th Feb 1871, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry [GROI], [Ballylongford RC par records], NOT Jan, to Mary Hanrahan [Margaret Mary].
She was bapt "Mary", 1 July 1848 [Ballylongford RC par records], dau of Cornelius Hanrahan, farmer, of Leanamore, Aghavallen par, SE of Ballylongford, by his wife Mary Culhane.
Though there is no Hanrahan listed at Leanamore in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].

Michael and Mary lived Pulleen. He is listed as "farmer" there at children's births and bapts 1872 to 1879.
He registered his father's death 1874. He is listed as occupier, Pulleen.
At son's birth 1876 he is listed as farmer, of "Kilcolgan", Kilnaughtin par, Co.Kerry. This is on N side of Pulleen (see 1887 to 1913 map). This is probably just same place as Pulleen. Note he is listed as of Pulleen both before and after this.

Loses his farm:
Michael lost his farm at Pulleen.
The story is that he took a loan out on the farm to help his best friend get to the US. He never heard from him again and was not paid back. He lost the farm. Looks like this was 1880.
At son's death 1880 he is listed as "shopkeeper", living Ballylongford.
He is listed as shopkeeper, living Ballylongford, at children's births and bapts 1881 to 1884.
He registered death of his brother-in-law Michael Broderick (Broder) in 1884. He is living Ballylongford.

Master of the Workhouse in Listowel from at least 1886 to death 1901:
He became Master of the Workhouse in Listowel. He was a schoolmaster for the children of the poor in the Workhouse.
He is not yet listed as Master in Listowel Union in [Thom's, 1884].
He is listed as Master of the Workhouse at Listowel from son's birth 1886 until his death.
[Guy's, 1893] lists him as Master of the Workhouse, Listowel.
He is listed as one of the chief mourners at Thomas Francis Rahilly's funeral, Feb 1899.
He registered his son David's death Sept 1899. He is listed as living Listowel Workhouse (it had Master's quarters).
In [Census, 31 Mar 1901] the family is listed at two locations in Curraghatoosane, NW side of Listowel (see map):
  • Michael is listed at the Workhouse with his son Daniel (not David), who is his assistant. He is Master of the Workhouse.
  • Mary is listed at a nearby house in Curraghatoosane with the other children.
Michael is listed as Master of the Workhouse at death.
He died 12 Nov 1901, Workhouse, Listowel, age 64 yrs [GROI], NOT 12 Jan.
He was buried near Ballylongford.

Mary's wealthy son-in-law Edward Wren built a house for her, "The Cliff House", Cliff Road, Ballybunion, Co.Kerry, overlooking the beach.
She seems to have moved here immediately after Michael died in 1901.
Her dau Elizabeth is living Ballybunion at mar 1902.
She is listed as living Ballybunion in [Census, 1911].
She died 15 July 1925, Ballybunion, Co.Kerry, age 77 yrs [GROI].
She was buried near Ballylongford.
Michael and Mary had issue:

  1. David Hickie,
    David Joseph Hickie, would be after grandfather,
    born 19 January 1872, Pulleen [GROI],
    bapt 24 January 1872 [Tarbert RC par records],
    said to have become a vet, but that is not listed on death cert,
    registered his brother's death 1896, listed as living Listowel,
    at death he is listed as "Assistant Workhouse Master", unmarried, assistant to his father (the Master of Listowel Workhouse),
    died 20 Sept 1899, Workhouse, Listowel (where he worked with his father), of "delirium tremens", age 27 yrs [GROI].

  2. Cornelius Hickie,
    would be after maternal grandfather,
    born 22 April 1873, Pulleen [GROI],
    bapt 24 April 1873 [Tarbert RC par records],
    died 4 Sept 1887, Church St, Listowel [GROI], age 14 yrs,
    under cause of death is written: "Delicate from Birth. No Medical Attendant."

  3. Josephine Hickie,
    Mary Josephine,
    born "Mary", 28 May 1874, Pulleen [GROI],
    bapt "Mary", 9 June 1874 [Tarbert RC par records],
    emig to US 1896,
    went to live as boarder with "Hickey" family in Brooklyn, NYC (possibly cousins, same family as Michael's future wife),
    she fell in love with one of the Hickey boys but his mother broke it up, think sent her to other Hickeys in Philadelphia,
    listed as of Listowel at mar,
    mar 1898 to Edward Wren [born Sept 1849] and had issue.

  4. John Hickie,
    born 24 May 1876, "Kilcolgan" (may be same as Pulleen) [GROI],
    bapt 3 June 1876 [Tarbert RC par records],
    listed as "clerk", unmarried, at death,
    died 21 Feb 1896, Convent St, Listowel, age 19 yrs, of "phthisis" (TB) [GROI].

  5. Michael Hickie,
    Michael Patrick, twin with Elizabeth,
    born 10 Mar 1878, Pulleen [GROI],
    bapt 10 March 1878 [Tarbert RC par records].

  6. Elizabeth Hickie,
    "Lizzie" on mar cert and at dau's birth, NOT Elisabeth, twin with Michael,
    born "Elizabeth Anne", 10 Mar 1878, Pulleen [GROI],
    bapt "Elizabeth Ann", 10 March 1878 [Tarbert RC par records],
    "Lizzie J. Hickie" wit her sister's mar 1898,
    living at home, unmarried, in 1901 census, listed as "draper's assistant",
    living with her mother at Ballybunion, Co.Kerry, at mar 1902,
    mar 14 Oct 1902, Ballybunion [GROI] to Joseph Costello [Joe, born 1863, Co.Limerick, son of Daniel Costello, farmer],
    he was a doctor, listed as "Doctor of Medicine", living Ballybunion, at mar,
    they lived Ballybunion, living there at dau's birth 1903,
    they are both listed in Ballybunion in [Census, 1911], he is listed as "medical doctor", she is listed as "Lizzie",
    he registered her mother's death 1925, listed as living Ballybunion,
    she died 3 Jan 1949 in Ireland, age 70 yrs,
    almost certain she is NOT Elizabeth Costello, housekeeper, married, who died Co.Mayo, 17 Mar 1949, age 72 [GROI],
    had issue:

    1. May Costello,
      or Mai or Mae, "Mai J." on grave,
      Mary, born Mary Bridget Josephine Costello, 13 July 1903, Ballybunion [GROI],
      mar Jack O'Mara and had issue.

    2. Michael Costello, born 1904, Co.Kerry.
    3. Madeleine Costello, born 1908, Co.Kerry, "Madaline" in census.
    4. (other child) Costello, died pre-1911.

    5. David Costello, born post-1911, mar to Monica Hughes and had issue:
      1. Madeline Costello.
      2. Joseph Costello.

  7. Daniel Hickie,
    Daniel Joseph, Dan, or Donal, twin with Thomas,
    born 2 December 1879, Pulleen [GROI],
    bapt 11 December 1879 [Tarbert RC par records],
    it is him (not his late brother David) who is listed in Mar 1901 census at Listowel Workhouse as "Master's Assistant", unmarried, assistant to his father (the Master of Listowel Workhouse),
    registered his father's death Nov 1901, listed as living Listowel Workhouse,
    emig to US pre-1914,
    moved to Buffalo, NY.

  8. Thomas Hickie,
    twin with Daniel,
    born 2 December 1879, Pulleen [GROI],
    bapt 6 December 1879 [Tarbert RC par records],
    died 23 July 1880, Ballylongford, age 7 months, of whooping cough [GROI].

  9. Margaret Hickie,
    born 15 March 1881 [par records],
    [GROI] says born Ballylongford, 27 Mar 1881, but this cannot be right if bapt date is right,
    bapt 17 March 1881 [Ballylongford RC par records],
    educ at convent school in England,
    not listed with family in 1901 census,
    became teacher, taught at same convent school in England,
    eventually joined the order, became nun there, "Sister Anastasia",
    the order opened a school in California, she was sent over there for a few years in the 1930s,
    this must be the Daughters of Mary and Joseph (also here),
    died Apr 1950, age 69 yrs.

  10. Joseph Hickie, born 22 or 23 Jan 1883,
    bapt 26 January 1883 [Ballylongford RC par records].

  11. Francis Hickie,
    Frank, born 6 Oct 1884, NOT Jan,
    bapt 11 October 1884 [Ballylongford RC par records],
    wit his sister's wedding in Ballybunion 1902,
    emig to US pre-1914,
    moved to California.

  12. James Hickie,
    born 18 Dec 1886, Church St, Listowel [GROI],
    died 26 Feb 1888, Church St, Listowel, age 1 yr, of measles [GROI].

  13. William Hickie [Bill, Willie],
    William Ellis, NOT William T.,
    he later changed his name to "William Edward",
    born 29 Dec 1888 in Co.Kerry,
    bapt "William Joseph", 30 December 1888 [Listowel RC par records],
    listed as "William Joseph" in 1901 census.

  14. Edward Hickie [Eddie],
    Patrick Edward, or Edward Patrick,
    born "Patrick Joseph", 27 Apr 1890, Charles St, Listowel [GROI],
    bapt "Patrick Joseph", 30 April 1890 [Listowel RC par records],
    listed as "Patrick Joseph" in 1901 census,
    "Edward Hickie" wit the mar of his 1st cousin Joseph Broderick (Broder) in Ballybunion in 1909,
    he mar 6 June 1916 to Ellen McMahon [Nell, think NOT Mae, born 25 Mar 1890 in Queensland, Australia],
    lived family home, "The Cliff House", Ballybunion, Co.Kerry,
    said to have worked in government job in Listowel, "assistant registrar", would commute from Ballybunion, but this is not recorded in [GROI] records,
    listed as "Edward", "motor proprietor", of Ballybunion, at twins' birth 1924,
    listed as "Edward", "garage manager", at death,
    he died 19 July 1945 in Ballybunion, Co.Kerry, age 55 yrs [GROI], of angina and coronary thrombosis,
    she fl 1945,
    had issue:

    1. Michael Hickie, born 24 Apr 1917.

    2. James Hickie [Jim], born 11 Oct 1918,
      mar 11 Oct 1950 to Veronica Glossop,
      died 17 December 1976, age 58 yrs,
      had issue:
      1. Iseult Mary Hickie.
      2. Siobhain Veronica Hickie.
      3. Dominic Jasper Hickie.
      4. Rebecca Hickie.
      5. Eugene Edmund Hickie.

    3. Mary Hickie [Mae], born 14 Feb 1920.

    4. Ena Hickie, twin,
      born 2 Nov 1924, Ballybunion,
      registered father's death 1945, unmarried, living Ballybunion,
      mar James Powers,
      she died c.1988 in Ireland, age c.64 yrs,
      had issue:
      1. Peter Powers.
      2. Bryan Powers.
      3. Anne Marie Powers.
      4. Helen Powers.

    5. Edward Hickie, twin,
      Ted, born "Edward Patrick", 2 Nov 1924, Ballybunion [GROI],
      mar Olive O'Brien [born 1925],
      he sold "The Cliff House", Ballybunion, 1978,
      had issue:
      1. Patricia Hickie, mar Seamus Danaher.
      2. John Hickie, mar ---- and had issue:
        1. 2 children, Hickie.
      3. David Hickie, mar Suzanne ---- and had issue:
        1. 2 children, Hickie.

    6. Carmel Hickie, born 15 July 1927,
      mar Frank Walker,
      had issue:
      1. Paul Walker.
      2. Aiden Walker.
      3. Tony Walker.
      4. Ted Walker.

Margaret Hickie, "Sister Anastasia".

Listowel Workhouse

Listowel Workhouse, NW side of Listowel, Co.Kerry.
The main accommodation block had the Master's quarters at the centre, with male and female wings to each side.
The workhouse buildings no longer exist.
The site is now Listowel Community Hospital.

Michael Hickie listed as Master in Listowel Union in [Thom's, 1894].

Listowel Workhouse on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view of old entrance (on the road to the S).

The Cliff House, Ballybunion, Co.Kerry

"The Cliff House" was built around 1901 or shortly after, on Cliff Road, N side of Ballybunion, overlooking the beach.
It was at the point where Cliff Road becomes Doon Road.
The Hickies sold Cliff House 1978.
It seems to be now demolished.
The site is now "The Cliff House Hotel" (also here), an entirely new building.
Cliff House Hotel is across the road from the cliffs and beach, it is on the E (inland) side of the coast road, not on the W (cliff) side of the road.

Mary Hanrahan at The Cliff House, Ballybunion.

The site of the future Cliff House, Ballybunion (red cross) on 1887 to 1913 map.

The site is now the Cliff House Hotel.
See street view.

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