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My wife's ancestors - Preston - Contents

Preston, Viscount Gormanston

The family took its name from Preston, Lancashire, where they were prosperous merchants:

Philip de Preston,
of Preston, Lancashire,
had issue:

Adam de Preston,
had issue:

Roger Preston,
or de Preston,
of Preston, Lancashire.
His brothers settled as merchants in Ireland. Later he went too.
He first appears in Ireland in 1326.
He was a judge in Ireland from at least 1326 until retired 1344.
He died probably 1346.
He had issue:

Sir Robert Preston, 1st Baron Gormanston.
He mar 1stly, 1353 (her age 13) to Margaret Bermingham [born 1340].
Seat at Carbury Castle, County Kildare (inherited through his wife).
Margaret died 19 July 1361, age 21 yrs.
She was bur in Monastery of Friars Preachers, Drogheda.
He was knighted 1361.
In 1363 he purchased the manor of Gormanston (or Gormanstown), Co.Meath.
He built the first Gormanston Castle.
He died 1396.
He had issue by 1st wife:

Sir Christopher Preston, 2nd Baron Gormanston.
Knighted 1397.
He mar Elizabeth Loundres [dau of William Loundres, or de Londres, Lord of Naas, Co.Kildare, by his wife Alice Leynes].
2nd Baron was accused of treason and imprisoned in 1418-1419, but soon released.
He died 1422.
2nd Baron and Elizabeth had issue:

Christopher Preston, 3rd Baron Gormanston.
He mar Jane Dartas [or D'Artois].
3rd Baron died 1450.
The "Cadaver Stone" in the Preston chapel at Stamullen, Co.Meath, may depict Jane.
3rd Baron and Jane had issue:

  1. Robert Preston, 1st Viscount Gormanston, 4th Baron Gormanston.

The "Cadaver Stone" in the Preston chapel at Stamullen, Co.Meath.
Dates from c.1450. May depict a Preston lady. May depict Jane Dartas.
Photo 2017. See larger and full size.


Dominican Friary, Drogheda

The Dominican Friary (the "Monastery of Friars Preachers") at Drogheda, Co.Louth, was founded about 1224.
Margaret Bermingham, wife of Sir Robert Preston, 1st Baron Gormanston, was buried here in 1361.
The 14th century Magdalene Tower (also here) is the surviving belfry tower of the once extensive Dominican Friary.

The Magdalene Tower, and other ruins (now gone) of the Dominican Friary, Drogheda.
From 1887 to 1913 map.

The Magdalene Tower and ruins of Dominican Friary, Drogheda.
From p.120 of vol.1 of The History of Drogheda by John D'Alton, 1844.

The Magdalene Tower, Drogheda.
Photo 2008. From here.
See street view from the S and from the N.

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