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My wife's ancestors - Sidney - Contents

Robert Sidney, 1st Earl of Leicester

Robert Sidney, 1st Earl of Leicester.
Portrait c.1588.
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Robert Sidney, 1st Earl of Leicester, K.G. (see here), born 1563,
mar 1stly to Barbara Gamage,
like his brother Sir Philip Sidney he was also a poet,
MP for Kent from 1585,
inherited Penshurst 1586, when his father and brother died,
cr 1st Baron Sidney of Penshurst by James I 1603,
K.G. 1616,
cr 1st Earl of Leicester 1618 (his uncle Robert Dudley's title, which had gone extinct 1588),
Barbara died 1621,
he died Penshurst, July 1626, age 63 yrs,
had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Lady Mary Wroth, the writer,
    born Lady Mary Sidney, 1586 or 1587.

  2. William Sidney, died unmarried in 1613.

  3. Robert Sidney, 2nd Earl of Leicester, born 1595.

  4. Bridget Sidney, born Feb 1597,
    died 30th June 1599, age 2 yrs 4 months [grave, Penshurst chapel].

  5. Alice Sidney, born Sept 1598,
    died 25th Mar 1599, age 6 months [grave, Penshurst chapel].

1st Earl of Leicester.
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Barbara Gamage and her children. Painting 1596.
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